January 2017 Vol. 72 No. 1

New Products

Unique Products, Innovative Solutions In New Barbco Equipment

by Jeff Griffin Senior Editor

Barbco has introduced two new underground construction products: the FlexBor system for addressing environmental issues associated with horizontal directional drilling (HDD) and auger boring; and TriBor, a hybrid machine incorporating capabilities of HDD, auger boring and guided auger boring.

Both products are available through Barbco dealers and directly from Barbco.

FlexBor System

FlexBor is a hybrid tool that works well with both HDD and auger boring, said Derik Engle, Barbco product development specialist.

“The FlexBor system,” he explained, “utilizes casing to hold the cuttings and pressures created during the reaming process. It is designed to virtually eliminate frac-outs and inadvertent returns that often are associated with horizontal directional drilling.”

With HDD, the pilot bore is made by the drill unit. When complete, the FlexBor head is connected to the drill string at the exit end and airflow is introduced through the drill string. As the FlexBor tool is pushed through the pilot hole, it rotates to enlarge the hole, and cuttings are forced into the head where the augers carry them into the casing. Air flow picks up the cuttings and carries them to the surface through the casing.

When used in auger bore situations, said Engle, FlexBor greatly reduces the torque associated with auger bores, allowing for longer bore lengths with a much smaller machine and also providing much safer operation.

“The FlexBor system has been used to accomplish bores that were not possible with other methods,” concluded Engle. “One project included a 470-foot directional bore that did not permit the use of drilling fluids. For another project, a FlexBor was used on a directional bore to cut a 24-inch hole under a stream with only seven feet of cover, illustrating another important benefit of FlexBor – the ability to make extremely shallow installations.”

TriBor Hybrid System

TriBor is a hybrid of three types of machines for applications common to trenchless technology: guided boring, auger boring and HDD.

These three modes of operation in one machine, complimented with a robust mud circuit, provide an innovative approach to projects never before seen in the underground construction equipment market, said Tony Barbera, Barbco vice president of product development.

“There is no other product like it,” said Barbera. “TriBor can be used in all three configurations – HDD, ABM, GBM – which is excellent when following an HDD or GBM pilot as an auger boring machine. It is suitable for most any situation or condition and can be set up on slopes of 10 to 12 degrees, up or down. TriBor accepts most downhole tooling on the market today.”

Barbera explained TriBor track is in four-foot sections and that extensions can be added as needed to expand its footprint.

“The drive chuck incorporates an outer male spline and an inner female 4½ API connection,” he continued. “This, along with the swivel type options in the rear of the unit, allows for quick set changes for whatever method is being used. An optional crane is available for breakout that can be dropped in at any location on the track and secured to the rail. The remote can control all functions. It can be docked on the unit as the operator rides the machine, or removed to operate away from the machine.”

Barbera said TriBor equipment has completed projects with both HDD and GBM pilots used in conjunction with the FlexBor system in wetland conditions. TriBor currently is available in three models.

Based in Canton, OH, Barbco manufactures horizontal earth auger boring and guided boring machines, horizontal directional drills, tunneling machines, cutting heads, casing adaptors and related underground construction equipment.

Barbco, (800) 448-8934, www.barbco.com

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