February 2017 Vol. 72 No. 2

Equipment Spotlight

Infrastructure Repair Systems Patented Trenchless Point Repair Systems

Infrastructure Repair Systems Inc.’s patented trenchless Point Repair Systems come with liners of different weights and customized lengths. Four liner weight options exceed ASTM 1216 standards and have pre-measured epoxy formulated for summer or winter environments:

Super Liner has multiple layers of reinforced fiberglass and felt for structural rehabilitation in deep or pressurized lines, and is available from 6 inches to any size.

Gold Liner, an easy-slide reinforced mesh that retains resin to fill voids and imperfections, maintains pipe ID when bridging missing pipe sections, and is available from six inches to any size.

Silver Liner, for structural rehabilitation of pipe sections and permanently providing I/I correction, is available in any size.
Bronze Liner is the thinnest liner for pre and post manhole-to-manhole lining. It provides permanent I/I correction and structural solution for pipes, and stops leaks after reinstating laterals. It is available in two to 36 inches.

The IRSI Mainline Point Repair System is a no-dig, ambient cure, permanent solution to repair any size pipe with minimal interruption of service. The complete, user friendly point repair kit features a patented, easy-to-wrap, sewn fiberglass and felt liner that stays in place.

The Lateral Point Repair System features an ambient-cure, two-part, no shrink or creep, epoxy system along with liners that are sewn together with patented pop-open Velcro straps and melt-away strings to securely hold the liner in place on the carrier. The carrier can be pushed or pulled through a straight 3-inch, or through a 4-inch or larger, 90-degree cleanout to position it over the damage for a permanent, trenchless lateral repair.

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