September 2015 Vol. 70 No. 9

New Products

New Products

John Deere
The Final Tier 4 444K, 524K and 544K utility-class wheel loaders’ PowerTech engine deliver impressive torque, 444K (124 hp), 524K (141 hp), 544K (163 hp), to help maintain good boom and bucket speed in and out of the pile for heaped loads, even in wet or hard-packed material.

The K-Series loaders implement excavator-style hydraulics that sense the load and deliver the flow needed for smooth combined functions and fast work cycles. A PowerShift torque-converter transmission employs Smart-Shift technology to continuously evaluate speed and load conditions. The 544K’s new standard five-speed transmission with lockup torque converter in gears 2 to 5 offers increased acceleration, speeds cycles, and optimizes power and fuel efficiency during transport, roading, and ramp climbing.

Cab improvements include an enhanced multifunction monitor with diagnostic and maintenance information, tinted glass and a Level 1 sound suppression package that reduces engine noise.

To eliminate downtime, the K-Series models are equipped with remote battery terminals for faster and easier jump-starting. The engine compartment can remain closed and locked to charge the batteries, which reduces the threat of vandalism. These machines also feature an optional right-side platform and steps for easy access to the right side of the machine. 800.503.3373,

Vermeer’s new walk-beside service plow with trencher Vermeer
Vermeer’s new walk-beside service plow with trencher is ideal for contractors who need a productive machine that can work in tight spaces. The PTX40 service plow has an optional forward-mounted trencher and boring attachment.

The PTX40 also has a remote control that gives the operator flexibility in congested areas and the ability to see the machine and the work area from a variety of viewpoints. When trenching, a tether connects the machine to the remote control.

The walk-beside design of the PTX40 helps contractors work in areas other machines would struggle to access. It has a minimum width of 40.2 inches and is 84.8 inches long. The center-articulated PTX40 oscillates at the point of articulation, offering maneuverability and performance on uneven terrain and in narrow spaces.

The PTX40 is powered by a 46.8-hp Kubota WG1605 gasoline engine. Planetary axles reduce the stress and torque going to the driveline, which could help lower overall operating costs compared with conventional axles.

The plow has a maximum depth of 24 inches, and the trencher cuts a maximum of 42 inches deep and 4 to 6 inches wide. Plowing and trenching performance is optimized with an electronic control that allows for convenient setting of the creep speed. The optional bore attachment has a maximum torque of 620 foot-pounds. 641.628.3141,

AMERICAN Ductile Iron Pipe and AMERICAN Flow Control recently unveiled a new Earthquake Joint System to protect water infrastructure during seismic events. The system, for use with AMERICAN’s pipe and hydrants, helps maintain clean, safe drinking water and dependable fire protection before, during and after an earthquake.

Made of strong and dependable ductile iron pipe, the AMERICAN Earthquake Joint System moves up and down and side to side to withstand the tremendous underground forces from an earthquake. The Earthquake Joint for use with ductile iron pipe is built around a central earthquake casting that features in its design an extended socket depth that allows AMERICAN’s Flex-ring pipe to have an expansive range of motion. This mitigates damage to pipe infrastructure if an earthquake occurs.

AMERICAN’s new Earthquake joint hydrant base has a boltless joint restraint of up to 5 degrees in any direction when used with the AFC Series 2500 gate valve with Flex-Ring ends. AMERICAN’s Earthquake Joint System is designed to allow for joint deflection as well as longitudinal extension and contraction of the joint during an earthquake. 205.307.2984,

Advanced Drainage Systems (ADS) announced a new, on-line program for designing and estimating the cost of a storm water system ADS
Advanced Drainage Systems (ADS) announced a new, on-line program for designing and estimating the cost of a storm water system constructed with its StormTech Chambers.  Available for free on the company website, the ADS StormTech Design Tool enables engineers, owners and contractors to design customizable underground storm water management systems. The flexible tool provides the ability for site-specific applications and can be accessed and used through multiple platforms, including smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. System designs from the StormTech Design Tool are produced in both PDF and CAD formats, with data provided that allows users to estimate a total installed cost.

The design tool provides an important first step in the evaluation of water management solutions including consideration for important criteria such as the feasibility of retention pond replacement, alternative underground products, land values and usage, public safety, regulatory compliance, water harvesting, water quality, LID applications and more. 888.892.2694,

Heath ConsultantsHeath Consultants Aqua-Scope water leak detector
To help minimize water loss and promote water conservation, Heath Consultants introduced the Aqua-Scope water leak detector. The Aqua-Scope amplifies frequencies (sound waves) generated by a water leak. The Heath Aqua-Scope consists of two major components – the direct contact microphone and ground microphone.

The direct contact microphone is used to listen on main line valves, hydrants and service connections. The operator is altered immediately if there is a leak in the area. The ground microphone is used to pinpoint the actual source of the leak. With thousands in use worldwide, the Aqua-Scope is the water leak detector of choice due to its modest design and superior reliability. 713.844.1300,

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