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Underground Companies Participate In ICUEE

ICUEE 2015, the International Construction and Utility Equipment Exposition, will be held Sept. 29-Oct. 1 at the Kentucky Exposition Center in Louisville, KY.

ICUEE connects utilities and construction contractors with experts from leading manufacturers and service providers to discuss and compare the latest product innovations and to operate the equipment in job-like conditions. For full show details, visit

Many companies in the underground telecommunications, electric and gas distribution markets will be exhibiting at this event.

Thunder Creek ICUEEThunder Creek Equipment
Booth # 3237
P: 866.535.7667
Thunder Creek Equipment has introduced its all-new FST Series trailers – available in 500-, 750- and 990-gallon diesel capacities with a 100-gallon DEF tank. Each model retains the company’s focus on craftsmanship with heavy gauge steel and premium options. The rear utility box is 55 percent larger than previous designs and can be installed at any time, allowing owners to later build out their own mobile service trailer as their needs evolve.

CASE CX210D ICUEECASE Construction Equipment
Booth# K-277
P: 866.542.2736
At ICUEE, CASE Construction Equipment will demonstrate two new products at their booth.

The 160-horsepower CX210D excavator provides significant operational gains including a 12 percent faster cycle time, improved responsiveness and multifunctional control, up to 14 percent greater fuel efficiency and more standard features than previous CASE excavators. Breakout force has been increased by as much as 6 percent. The excavator has a bucket digging force of 31,923 foot-pounds with an Auto-Power Boost of 34,621 foot-pounds. The excavator meets Tier 4 Final emissions standards through a combination of cooled exhaust gas recirculation (CEGR), selective catalytic reduction (SCR) and diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) technologies, which maximizes uptime and performance – all with minimal maintenance.

The 97-horsepower 580 Super N features outstanding backhoe performance with CASE’s Power Lift technology allowing for bucket breakout forces of 14,452 pounds and ground level lift capacities of 3,513 pounds. Integrated into the backhoe is CASE’s ProControl swing dampening system for improved cycle times, precision placement and increased productivity. The backhoe also features an exclusive over-center design, which transfers weight to the front of the machine for smooth roading and better traction, and allows the operator to dig closer to the machine. For improved operator comfort, equip the machine with CASE’s comfort steer and heated air suspension seat.

TT Technologies GrundoBurst ICUEETT Technologies
Booth # K-108
P: 630.851.8200
TT Technologies will be displaying its full line of trenchless Grundomat piercing tools, Grundoram pipe ramming tools and Grundoburst and Grundocrack pipe bursting tools. Seventeen models of Grundomat tools, from 1 3/4-inches to 7-inches in diameter, are available for horizontal boring distances from 50 feet to 150 feet. The Grundoburst static pipe bursting system utilizes a specially designed bladed cutter head to make bursting ductile iron and steel pipe possible. Grundocrack pneumatic bursting tools can be used to burst pipe from 4-to 54-inches.

In addition, the Grundodrill 4X compact directional drill, along with the Grundopit pit-launched mini directional drill will be on display. Attendees can also see Grundomud bentonite systems for directional drilling and pipe bursting applications.

Underground Tools ICUEEUnderground Tools Inc. (UTI)
Booth # 2
P: 866.488.3478
Underground Tools Inc. will be displaying its expanded line of premium quality directional drilling pipe and HDD tooling, as well as high quality trencher parts.

UTI’s comprehensive line of HDD downhole tooling features improved designs and includes drive chucks, starter rods, reamers, sonde housings, pilot bits, carriage chain and more.

UTI offers drill pipe for nearly every make and model of drill rig. UTI’s drill pipe is readily available and made from top quality materials with careful consideration given to precise threaded connections.

UTI’s trencher parts line includes chains, cutting systems and sprockets. All are made with the finest steel and carbide and heat-treated to ensure strength. Trencher parts are lab tested and field-proven for durability. They meet or exceed manufacturer’s specifications and are available for all makes and models of trenchers. All UTI products are backed by the industry’s most knowledgeable technical support team.

HammerHead ICUEEHammerHead Trenchless Equipment
Booth #423
P: 262.244.0231
HammerHead Trenchless Equipment will be demonstrating their new Same Path gas line slitting technology for replacing 1/2- to 4-inch natural gas distribution pipe. This unique slitting process follows the existing pipe path, reducing the likelihood of contact with other utilities. Used in conjunction with HammerHead’s line of cable winches, the tool string components include expanders, connectors, and splitting tools with replaceable hardened-steel blades. The system increases production rates for replacing existing runs of PVC, HDPE, MDPE and Aldyl-A pipe with new MDPE or HDPE pipe.

HammerHead’s extensive research and development conducted in conjunction with contractor and gas company field tests produced the modular design. HammerHead’s re-engineered tools now allow contractors to easily replace worn tooling and choose from a selection of cable size and winch options. The integrated swivel design eliminates torque on replacement pipe as it is installed during pullback.

Ringomatic ICUEERing-O-Matic
Booth # K-160
P: 800.544.2518
The Ring-O-Matic 550 Dual Pump Combination Sewer Line Jetter and Vacuum Excavator gives contractors and municipalities the advantages of a dedicated combination jetter/vacuum truck in a versatile compact trailer unit. Initial lower investment cost and generally lower operational costs compared to PTO-based, truck-mounted models now make owning a combination jetter/vacuum machine affordable even if the services are not needed on a daily basis.

The Ring-O-Matic 550 can vacuum sewer lines up to 20 inches in diameter in spaces too confined for stand-alone jetters and vacuum excavators, or a carrier-mounted combo rig.

Powered by an 81-horsepower CAT turbo diesel, the machine features a 1,000 cfm blower and can deliver 27 gpm at 2,700 psi up to 400 feet with its ¾-inch jetter hose. Its trailer’s axles are rated to 16,000 pounds allowing the 550-gallon spoils tank and 500-gallon freshwater tank to be easily pulled behind a suitably equipped ¾- or 1-ton truck.

LaValley Industries/Vermeer
Booth # K-225
P: 218.444.3030
Horizontal directional drillers now have a much safer, more efficient way to torque up and break pipe joints, reamers and subs with LaValley Industries’ new Tonghand exit-side wrench attachment. The Tonghand hydraulic attachment’s patented rotation arms, gullwing design and integral TongVise are controlled by a single operator inside the safety and comfort of any 30-ton excavator. An in-cab display allows the operator to monitor and adjust all functions of Tonghand operation. With a 120,000-foot-pound torque capability on its vise and precision pipe control design, workers are allowed to remain safely away from drilling components while breaking joints, loading/unloading drill string components and positioning a drill rod throughout the job site. The Tonghand exit-side wrench’s flexibility, strength and pipe-handling precision have earned it the nickname “Rig on a Stick.” Vermeer is a LaValley Industries distributor.

Certalok ICUEECerta-Lok
Booth # 2104
P: 855.624.7473
Certa-Lok C905/RJ Restrained Joint PVC Pipe is the industry’s first fully corrosion-resistant segmented restrained-joint PVC piping system in sizes 18-inches and up. Certa-Lok pipe provides a restrained joint by utilizing precision-machined grooves on the pipe and in the coupling which, when aligned, allow a spline to be inserted, resulting in a fully circumferential restrained joint. Available in cast-iron outside diameters up to 24 inches and meeting all performance requirements of AWWA C905, the new pipe has opened up new design and construction options for engineers and contractors in potable water and sewer infrastructure projects.

Subsite ICUEESubsite Electronics
Booth # K270 & 1858
P: 800.846.2713
Subsite Electronics, a Charles Machine Works Company, is committed to providing underground construction professionals the most comprehensive suite of electronic products in the industry, including utility locators, horizontal directional drilling (HDD) guidance equipment and equipment machine controls.

There will be many new products showcased and demonstrated in the Subsite booths at ICUEE, such as the TK HDD Guidance System. This system provides the performance, ease of use and versatility required to give directional drill contractors exceptional confidence that they can get the job done, even in high-interference areas. The TK Tracker Series features dual locating methods (peak and null), a four-frequency beacon, a depth range of up to 110 feet and high-contrast graphics.

Condux Tesmec ICUEECondux Tesmec
Booth #L180
P: 888.980.1209
Condux Tesmec hydraulic pullers, tensioners and puller-tensioners offer advanced features like negative self-acting hydraulic brakes, integrated hydraulic dynamometers, hydraulic cooling systems, complete user controls and more. Hydraulically controlled systems allow Condux Tesmec pullers to eliminate conductor galloping, providing maximum pulling control.

Condux Tesmec also offers one of the largest and most diverse selections of conductor blocks on the market. Conductor blocks include single conductor blocks, three bundled through six bundled blocks, single helicopter blocks and bundled blocks. Condux Tesmec also provides grounding devices for all its single and bundled helicopter blocks.

A full line of productivity-enhancing conductor stringing tools and accessories is also available including anti-twist rope, reel winders, reel stands and more.

HydraFlex ICUEEHydra-Flex
Booth# 4064
P: 952.808.3640
Hydra-Flex recently released a line of nozzles designed specifically for the hydro excavation industry – the Switchblade Linear and Ripsaw Rotating Nozzles. With their improved impingement and stream quality, these nozzles allow the operator to dig faster and use dramatically less water, ultimately ensuring greater efficiency on the jobsite.

Designed for durability, these heavy-duty, high-impact nozzles operate at up to 3,200 psi and are constructed with stainless steel housings and tungsten carbide wear surfaces to withstand harsh environments and provide longer life than stainless steel or ceramic nozzles. Non-conductive urethane coating on the nozzle body extends the life of the nozzle while protecting the safety of the user and sensitive underground utilities.

A range of flow rates and spray patterns are available for different applications like potholing or trenching.

Booth # K140
The McElroy TracStar 500 debuted as the world’s first self-contained, self-propelled, all-terrain fusion machine in 1997. Considered the flagship McElroy fusion machine, the success of the TracStar 500 spawned the entire TracStar line of fusion equipment for a full range of pipe sizes. Hydraulic clamping and automatic machine versions help reduce operator fatigue and enhance productivity. The TracStars also have removable jaws so that closer-quarter fusions can be performed in the ditch. All of the hydraulic models are DataLogger compatible which records each step of the fusion process to ensure that each fusion joint was fused with correct pressures and times according to supported standards.

Come take the latest TracStar models for a test drive at ICUEE, see a live fusion demonstration and learn more about all the McElroy pipe fusion machines, accessories and quality assurance tools.

American Augers ICUEEAmerican Augers / Trencor
Booth # K-125
P: 419-869-7107
2015’s ICUEE is the host show for several new products from American Augers / Trencor. The all-new 2015 DD-110 will definitely be the focus as American Augers’ #1 selling rig received an upgrade and redesign with the driller in mind. To coordinate with the new mid-size drill, a brand new mud system; M-200D will premier. It boasts 200 GPM with a Derrick shaker.

Check out the new redesign of Trencor’s T1060 trencher. Upgrades and improvements that will blow your mind!

The new 500 GPM mud system from American Augers, M-500PD will unveil with onboard pump and Derrick Shakers.
Lastly, the latest in auger boring technology will be revealed. The new Electric Auger Boring machine considers safety by keeping the operator off the rig and away from typical jobsite hazards. Visit auger boring guru, Jim Lee to learn about it from the expert himself.

Hunting_ICUEEHunting Trenchless
Booth #K104
P: (405) 365-7760
Hunting Trenchless will showcase their complete line of HDD drill pipe that features a durable one-piece forged design eliminating joints and welds – the number one source of pipe failure in competitive design. All Hunting pipe is crafted from a proprietary I-135 steel alloy that’s engineered for durability and flexibility, and provides rugged, precision-machined threads that make up and break out faster – with less fatigue – than any other pipe in the industry. Hunting will also feature their line of HDD downhole tools including saver subs, drive chucks, starter rods, and quick connects.

In addition, Hunting Trenchless will feature their HDD M-Series Mud Motors with a design that sets them apart from conventional mud motors. The Hunting M-Series Mud Motors incorporate SWB™ (Survey While Boring) Technology that directly improves your ability to control the bit’s direction by locating the sonde housing into the bearing housing just three feet behind the bit. Hunting mud motors also come with a unique sealed oil bath bearing design eliminating the problem of mud flushing through the system.

Vermeer_ICUEEVermeer Corporation
Booth # K-225
P: 641.628.3141
The new D24x40 S3 Navigator combines speed, simplicity and sound, offering 28,000 pounds of thrust/pullback and 4,200 ft-lb of rotational torque — along with improved ground speed, carriage speed, rotational speed and rod breakout efficiency. The D24x40 S3 features a significant sound reduction at 104 dBA guaranteed sound power level and operator ear rating of 82.9 dBA.

The new D40x55 S3 Navigator has 40,000 pounds of thrust/pullback and 5500 ft-lb of rotational torque, offering more than a 10 percent increase in thrust and rotation over its predecessor. A 104 dBA guaranteed sound power level and operator ear rating of 82.9 dBA make this drill significantly quieter than its predecessor.

The new D23x30 S3 Navigator packs speed and power into a shorter, narrower design for urban areas or compact jobsites with 24,000 pounds of thrust/pullback and 3,000 foot pound of rotational torque. Significant sound reduction gains make it well-suited for congested areas, with a 99 dBA guaranteed sound power level and operator ear rating of 78.7 dBA.

InSite Productivity Tools help streamline and simplify the entire job process while more easily documenting project work. InSite Productivity Tools offer a set of applications to better plan, map, produce, invoice and manage projects with real-time access to vital information.

Volvo ICUEEVolvo Construction Equipment
Booth # K-335
P: 717.532.9181
Volvo will showcase several new machines along with product demonstrations in their booth.

The new EC20D compact excavator features a Volvo D0.9A Tier 4 Final engine that is 10 percent more fuel efficient when equipped with the auto engine shutdown option. The auto engine shutdown option also provides better resale value for the machine through lower hours and longer service intervals. A new automatic idling system further reduces fuel consumption and noise disturbance by switching engine speed to idle if the controls are inactive for more than five seconds.

The new Volvo ECR145E short swing crawler excavator delivers better visibility when operating in confined spaces and greater fuel efficiency without compromising on power and performance. The ECR145E is equipped with a powerful Volvo Tier 4 Final engine delivering up to 10 percent fuel economy improvements. The machine offers integrated working modes, which allow the operator to choose the best work mode for the application — I (Idle), F (Fine), G (General) or H (Heavy).

It’s not easy improving on a machine as popular as the Volvo L30 compact wheel loader, but the G-Series model is more powerful and fuel efficient than ever before. The L30G wheel loader may be compact — making it ideal for tight turns and work in restricted areas — but it possesses the versatility and breakout and lifting forces expected from larger machines. And, the L30G features a powerful, new, fuel-efficient Volvo engine that meets Tier 4 Final regulations.

Digital-Control Incorporated
Booth #1816
P: 425.251.0701
Digital Control Incorporated (DCI) will introduce a major innovation in managing jobsite interference, which has become a crucial factor given the crowded utility right-of-ways where many HDD bores must be tracked. The DigiTrak Falcon technology utilizes a wide band of frequencies to scan for two optimal frequency bands for that bore. The Falcon transmitter syncs with the Falcon receiver to program those optimized frequencies for each unique jobsite.

For projects where a walkover system is either impractical or unsafe, DCI is announcing a wire free steering tool solution that provides “signal on the drill pipe” communication. This new technology will allow contractors to perform more difficult bores by adding a yaw reading without having to rent expensive steering tools. Contractors can now leverage the investment they have in their Vermeer D24x40.

Finally, DCI will announce Aurora LWD Live which will allow an HDD rig operator to plot and view a real-time bore profile. Additional views include detailed rod-by-rod information previously unavailable until after the bore data is uploaded. LWD Live leads to better decision-making in the field and improved productivity.

MelfredBorzall_ICUEEMelfred Borzall, Inc.
Booth # 2716
P: 800-558-7500
Made for jobs that don’t have time or room to remove drill heads and install backreamers, Melfred Borzall’s new FastBack system saves time and increases productivity by allowing multiple short bores in one day, as well as minimizes excavation and restoration costs for the driller. This unique system includes the Eagle Eye, Borzall’s new attachment that connects to the Eagle Claw hard soil bit, allowing you to pullback without ever having to take the drill head off. Rear facing carbides and MudBoost fluid ports make sure your pullback is fast and successful. Other direct pullback attachments include the Iron Eye, used with the Iron Fist bit; the Quick Link; and the Quick Swivel. FastReam (part of the FastBack system) is a special housing with bolt-on blades that allow for the hole to be reamed up to 12” without taking off the drill head. Don’t miss out on a historical moment in HDD when Melfred Borzall introduces the FastBack system in its entirety at ICUEE.

The Robbins Company ICUEEThe Robbins Company
Booth # 4614
P: (440) 248-3303
Robbins’ latest innovation, the Remote Controlled Small Boring Unit (SBU-RC), is a game-changer for the trenchless industry. The SBU-RC is setting new standards with the ability to excavate small diameter hard rock tunnels at long distances, on line and grade. The SBU-RC is currently manufactured in the 36-inch diameter range, but can be customized as small as 30-inches in diameter. Equipped with a smart guidance system and pinpoint steering controlled from an operator’s station on the surface, you can count on pure precision. Muck removal is accomplished through a vacuum system, making the Robbins SBU-RC more cost-effective than microtunneling machines which require slurry and separation plants onsite. Visit the Robbins booth 4614 at ICUEE 2015 and learn about the SBU-RC’s recent success story in Bend, Oregon. On that project, the machine completed a line-and-grade-critical rail crossing in abrasive basalt rock of 7,000 psi at rates of up to 50 feet per day, holing through a full two weeks early.

Ditch Witch ICUEEDitch Witch
Booths: K155 & K270
P: 800-654-6481
At ICUEE 2015, Ditch Witch will be displaying its new, expanded line of Tier-4 horizontal directional drills, including the upgraded JT25 and JT30 drills with optional wireless ground drive control, integrated display, improved operator station and enhanced safety features. New to the show, Ditch Witch will also showcase the exclusive MR90 mud recycling system and MV800 mud vacuum excavator – both pieces of equipment help underground construction workers improve efficiency on the job, while reducing jobsite expense.

In addition, Ditch Witch will introduce the new, powerful RT105, RT125 and RT125 Quad utility tractors to its family of trenchers at ICUEE. To help operators stay productive and comfortable on the job, all three machines include new comfort features – from an ergonomic, high-back swivel seat to improved visibility and legroom.

To help simplify HDD tooling configuration, Ditch Witch will also showcase the industry’s first web-based HDD Advisor. The new online tool gives operators an intuitive tooling-product roadmap to quickly determine the right tooling configuration for their directional drill rig.

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