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UC's HDD Rig Spotlight

Ditch Witch
The 268-hp JT100 is an incredibly powerful machine, but it’s not power that makes it so productive, it’s how the power is distributed. The JT100 is designed to deliver power where it’s needed to complete the bore in the most efficient manner, without compromising power to other machine functions. There’s plenty of power for an optional pipebox loader and onboard anchor system, too, which eliminate the need for additional equipment for pipeloading, anchoring and other tasks. This also gives the JT100 the ability to reduce the size of the jobsite. The exclusive dual-pivot drill frame allows for steeper entry angles without raising the tracks off the ground, for outstanding machine stability and greater operator comfort. While the heavy-duty, double rack-and-pinion thrust drive is field-proven to push through the longest, toughest bores. 800.654.6481,

American Augers releases the new DD-110American Augers
American Augers releases the new DD-110, 110,000 pound horizontal directional drill boring machine, which debuted at the annual American Augers customer event in June. The simplicity of this power and performance unit works to ensure jobs are completed on time and on budget. The 260 HP Cummins Tier 4 final engine provides the necessary power for 15,000 foot-pounds of rotary torque as well as the 110,000 pounds of thrust/pullback muscle. American Augers builds horizontal directional drills and auger boring machines hand-crafted in the U.S. with the rugged user in mind. American Augers rigs are backed with 24-hour worldwide support. 419.869.7107,

TT Technologies
The compact Grundodrill 4X is designed for residential service, small diameter water main installations, last mile operations, and gas pipeline applications, offering 9,800 pounds of thrust and pullback. Using the compact drill is less intrusive and ideal for areas where larger units are not an option. The drill features a dual hydrostatic pump system and a four-auger stake down system that provides greater stability. The Grundodrill 4X also comes with the exclusive Smart Vice system that performs vice cycling operations automatically. 800.533.2078,

The Toro DD4045 horizontal directional drill packs a powerful 40,000 pounds of thrustThe Toro Company
The Toro DD4045 horizontal directional drill packs a powerful 40,000 pounds of thrust and pullback and 4,500 foot-pounds of rotary torque. The unit features a 160-hp, Cummins QSB4.5 diesel, liquid-cooled engine and an on-board, infinitely variable drilling fluid pump that delivers a flow of up to 70 gpm. This powerful and versatile horizontal directional drill provides the most thrust and torque of any machine of its size, giving utility contractors increased power in tight locations. The multi-function color LCD display, which delivers key control functions and rig information at the operator’s fingertips, provides a clear view of the drill’s performance and functions. 952.888.8801,

Barbco's BD40HP produces a full 40,000 pounds of pulling forceBarbco
The BD40HP produces a full 40,000 pounds of pulling force, a pulling speed of 200 feet per minute, and a rotary torque of 6,500 foot-pounds with a rotary speed of 250 rpm. This model is designed for durability that is built into a welded steel frame and rack and pinion drilling derrick. Other features include a large onboard drilling fluid system, enclosed cab with climate control, automatic rod loader and automated steer and ream drilling cycles. 800.448.8934,

Vermeer's next entrant in the S3 generation of drills – the D20x22 S3 Vermeer
The next entrant in the S3 generation of drills – the D20x22 S3 – features more power, increased speed, versatility and precise control. The D20x22 S3 makes significant gains in power and speed compared to its predecessor – the D16x20 Series II. With nearly 20,000 pounds of thrust and pullback, and a Tier 4 Deutz engine that delivers a 12 percent increase in horsepower over its predecessor (D16x20 Series II), the D20x22 S3 is the next key addition to your fleet of drills. The class-leading 167 feet-per-minute carriage speed and rotational speeds of 257 rpm help you install more linear feet per day. A newly designed hydraulic circuit offers additional power for drilling and maneuvering around the jobsite, helping operators power up curbs and slopes to work more efficiently. The 3.3 mph tracking speed gets you from one setup to the next sooner. 888.837.6337,

Universal HDD
The compact UNI 12×15 can be walked through a 36-inch gate into rear easement or set up for a tight road crossing. With a 66 HP John Deere air cooled Tier III Diesel engine, 10,000 pounds of thrust/pullback and a true 1,500 foot-pounds of rotation, torque is produced from the high performance Rotation Motor. The UNI 12×15 will make those difficult hard road crossings while utilizing the Kerr 27 GPM mud pump. The UNI 12×15 also produces 250-125 rpm of rotation speed (at low and high displacement). 847.955.0050,

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