Special Reports: 2017

One-Call Center Directory

An updated directory of all the One-Call notification centers around the country.

Equipment Selection Guide

New construction equipment of all types is featured in this speciation section, ranging from trenchers to excavators to HDD rigs. All major manufacturers’ equipment is listed with key specs.

Pipe Selection Chart

Pipe options are many and this section lists major options available when designing and bidding construction and rehabilitation projects.

HDD Survey

Another market exclusive, Underground Construction surveys HDD contractors to determining their anticipated spending habits, equipment evaluations, industry trends and other key perspectives.

Rehab Selection Guide

For the underground infrastructure rehabilitation markets, this special section lists equipment that is available from all key rehab industry manufacturers.

Drilling Fluids Selection Guide

With the proliferation of the HDD market, drilling fluids continue to play an essential and expanding role. This guide provides an up-to-date listing of various muds and fluids available in the industry today.

Large Directional Drilling Rig Census

As HDD projects continue to push boundaries, this annual report provides details about contractors that offer large HDD rig capabilities.

HDD Drill Pipe Selection Guide

Directional drilling equipment continues to diversify, and modifications and enhanced drill pipe options are essential. This section provides an update on the latest drill pipe offerings from the principal manufacturers.