Vanair introduces three multi-vehicle adapter kits for construction equipment

(UI) — Vanair has announced the introduction of three versatile adapter kits for its dual voltage Start•All Jump•Pack12/24V lithium-ion jump-starter by Goodall.

Each kit comes complete with all the necessary components and easy instructions to quickly and flawlessly modify any Start•All Jump•Pack, enabling it to serve construction and mining equipment and everything from 6-liter gas and 4-liter diesel engines to 16-liter diesels and vocational vehicles of all kinds.

The kits and their components were presented to the industry during a press conference at the Technology Maintenance Council (TMC) 2024 Spring Meeting & Transportation Technology Exhibition in New Orleans, La.

The Start•All Jump•Pack 12/24V offers up to 10,000/5000 Amps, 12/24-Volts and 166,500 joules5s of starting power. Rugged and compact, these handheld devices can fit in tight spaces, allowing them to get between tightly-parked vehicles and go virtually anywhere a jump start is needed. Vanair’s three new adapter kits now make its Start•AllJump•Pack the ultimate all-purpose jump-starting tool, particularly for fleets with a mix of both specialized and traditional vehicles.

“Our three new adapter kits are major enhancements to our Start•All Jump•Pack 12/24V making it even more viable as the leading technology of its kind in the market today,” stated Jeff Steer, director of sales at Vanair. “The kits’ components are easy to install on our Start•All Jump•Packs existing cables and significantly broaden the scope, scale and utility of these lightweight and portable jump pack solutions.”

The NATO, Whitaker and Anderson adapter kits will be sold separately, and each comes with a corresponding connector and requisite components and cabling. The kits include simple instructions on how to install new male and female Lenco connectors on both the Start•All Jump•Pack’s existing cables and its existing alligator connectors. Once complete, users can easily transition from specialized NATO, Whitaker or Anderson charging capabilities, back to traditional alligator clamps in seconds, by simply unplugging one set and plugging in the other.

“Vanair’s Start•All Jump•Pack 12/24V helps fleets of all kinds do away with cumbersome AGM and lead acid batteryjump starters that weigh hundreds of pounds and only have connectors for one type of vehicle,” said Steer. “Our Start•AllJump•Pack is a compact, lightweight unit, weighing only 18.5  pounds, and now offers a 12V and 24V starting solution for a vast array of vehicles – all in a single unit that can be hand carried anywhere.”

The Start•All Jump•Pack 12/24V also features our Goodall Protect•All Safety Technology, making it easy to use on any vehicle and practically impossible for even novice technicians to reverse the polarity or apply the wrong voltage when attempting a jump start. Protect•All Safety Technology includes built-in protection for: reverse polarity, low voltage, shortcircuit, overheat, over-discharge, over-voltage, and open clamps.

“With the Start•All Jump•Pack 12/24V, jump-starting has never been more convenient,” said Steer, “ and with our three new multi-vehicle adapter kits, it’s never been more accessible to fleets of all types.”

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