DEVELON introduces DX100W-7 mini wheel excavator for urban job sites

(UI) — Navigating cramped urban job sites is challenging for equipment operators. DEVELON's new DX100W-7 mini wheel excavator offers a compact and agile solution, reaching speeds up to 24 mph. Its spacious cab provides low noise and vibration levels with all-around visibility, making long workdays more comfortable and productive.

"The DX100W-7 is our first mini wheel excavator in North America," says Andy Jeong, DEVELON's mini excavator product manager. "It’s designed for confined job sites, offering excellent performance, efficiency, and comfort."

Enhanced Versatility The DX100W-7 features three steering modes:

  • 2-wheel: For better agility and fuel economy.
  • 4-wheel crab: Precision in tight spaces.
  • 4-wheel round: Improved turning radius and control.

Its articulated boom enhances the working range, lifting capacity, and digging force. With a 1.35-ton counterweight and large hydraulic capacity, it handles heavy loads efficiently.

Operators can choose from four work modes and four power modes to tailor performance to the task:

  • Work modes: 1-way, 2-way, Digging, Lifting.
  • Power modes: Power+, Power, Standard, Economy.

Powerful Productivity Ideal for urban environments, the DX100W-7 minimizes lane closures and reaches hard-to-access areas with its large boom. Its hydrostatic system ensures seamless operation and high torque even at low speeds.

Maximum Comfort The DX100W-7 boasts one of the largest cabs in its class, reducing noise and vibrations. Features include a heated air-suspension seat, air conditioning, and a full-length glass door for easy entry and visibility. Operators can switch between ISO and backhoe control patterns for personalized ergonomics.

Stability and Traction The machine includes a parallel dozer blade and independent rear outriggers for stability. Standard double tires enhance traction on rough terrain and minimize soil compaction.

Increased Job Site Safety Standard safety features include a high-illumination LED light system, a 270-degree camera view, ultrasonic sensors, and an overload warning device.

Simplified Service Maintenance is straightforward with easy access to filters and service points. The DX100W-7 includes MY DEVELON fleet management, a digital platform for monitoring equipment health, location, and productivity.

The DX100W-7 is now available for order at local dealers.

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