Washington's Department of Ecology proposes $386 million clean water investment plan

(UI) — The Department of Ecology in Washington state has proposed $386 million in grants and loans for 134 high-priority clean water projects.

These projects aim to upgrade wastewater treatment and sewer systems, manage polluted stormwater, and address nonpoint pollution across the state. Funding comes from state and federal sources, including the 2021 Bipartisan Infrastructure Law and the Clean Water State Revolving Fund.

Notably, $31 million in supplemental funding from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law will assist small, financially disadvantaged communities.

Additionally, $4.5 million in forgivable principal loan funding will address emerging contaminants like 6PPD. The proposed projects cover a wide range of initiatives, including stormwater management, wastewater system upgrades, and nonpoint pollution reduction efforts.

Among the highlights are stormwater projects in cities like Tumwater and Bremerton, wastewater initiatives in Aberdeen and Republic, and nonpoint pollution projects led by organizations like Mid-Columbia Fisheries Enhancement Group and Trout Unlimited. These efforts underscore the state's commitment to improving water quality and protecting its natural resources.

Clean water project highlights:


Forty-six communities and port districts will split $53 million to manage and reduce stormwater pollution. Proposed work includes plans, designs, and construction.

  • City of Tumwater has two stormwater proposals totaling $357,000 for an Enhanced Maintenance Plan and stormwater facility design for four linear bioretention facilities. The plan will focus on nutrient reduction in Percival Creek, Black Lake, Black Lake Ditch, and Budd Inlet.
  • The City of Bremerton has a draft offer of $1.4 million to construct a stormwater treatment retrofit system at the location of the existing Francis Street outfalls into Kitsap Lake. The proposed system will provide treatment for the 69 acre drainage basin that discharges into the lake. The system is classified as having a High Treatment Potential to remove 6PPD from stormwater, according to a recent Ecology study.


Ecology plans to support College Place with a draft offer to fund a General Sewer Plan update.

Fifty wastewater projects are proposed to receive approximately $327 million in grants, low interest loans, and forgivable loans. Highlights from our draft offer list include:

  • The City of Aberdeen has three projects proposed for a total $2.6 million for planning and designs related to an urgent need for upgrades to prevent failures at their wastewater treatment system. The projects include designs for necessary replacements and upgrades for existing equipment; emergency power for the entire treatment system; and studies to identify sources of excess water that flows into the system during heavy rains and high tide events. 
  • The City of Republic has a draft offer of $4.4 million for design and construction. Excessive flows in Republic’s sewer system cause lagoon overloads and direct sewage discharges to the Sanpoil River. This project addresses those excessive flows to eliminate the risk of sewage discharge to the Sanpoil River.

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