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Vortex AccuPower Designed to Remove Concrete, Heavy Debris, CIPP Lining Without Damaging Host Pipe 

The Vortex Companies, a leading provider of advanced trenchless water and sewer technologies and infrastructure renewal services, introduced the new AccuPower High-Pressure Water Blaster. 

Built upon decades of Schwalm robotics expertise, AccuPower can be quickly configured on a Schwalm robot within 10 minutes, eliminating the need for existing owners to invest in a new robot. Engineered for pipes 8 to 40 inches in diameter, it allows operators to cut through the harshest aging infrastructure debris, including concrete and failed CIPP liners. With powerful 40,000 psi output and precisely calibrated jets, it avoids compromising host pipes or original infrastructure. 

For maximum versatility, AccuPower offers more than 40 jet and nozzle options to customize it for any obstruction and environment, such as a 12-inch lance that prevents camera clouding for greater visibility. Additionally, AccuPower jets are manufactured with diamond material to protect against wear and eliminate the need for replacements. 

“The AccuPower High-Pressure Water Blaster offers the broadest range of motion available, with 180-degree camera rotation, 210-degree arm rotation and 360-degree swivel rotation,” said Nick Patrick, general manager, Vortex Technologies Group. 

“We’ve incorporated a 15-degree fanjet design that provides five times more coverage than conventional spinner water jets to cut away large areas of debris quickly and safely, and with greater accuracy. Operators now have maximum control over the water blasting range, completely eliminating collateral damage during the cutting operation.” 

The Vortex Companies provides advanced trenchless water and sewer technologies, and turnkey services to cost-effectively renew municipal, industrial and commercial infrastructure. Along with its partners, Vortex offers the most diverse technology platforms in the industry, including manhole and pipe rehabilitation materials, polymeric coatings and resins, sewer robot systems and high-speed drain cleaning tools.  


The Vortex Companies, (713) 750-9081, 


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