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HDD: Mud Systems

American Augers, (800) 324-4930 

The new M300DH fluid cleaning system helps contractors working in tight job sites stay agile and efficient. 

Its high-cleaning power circulates drilling fluids with 100,000-to-240,000 pounds of pullback and a 480-volt generator enables agitation that keeps solids suspended in fluid. Rated up to 300 gallons per minute of 11-to-13 pounds of drilling mud, the machine’s first-cut cleaning capacity sets a new standard. 

A new Derrick Hyperpool shaker and new screen compression method make transitions more seamless, when changing screens or adjusting to soil conditions. Easily mobilized for quick load-in and -out, M300DH also accommodates any job site. 


Derrick Corporation, (281) 590-3003 

Backed by more than 70 years of cost-effective solutions, plus award-winning service, the Derrick Hyperpool shaker is the latest in a long line of products designed expressly to exceed the demanding needs of today’s drilling operations. 

The Hyperpool shaker is combined with three-dimensional, API RP 13C compliant Pyramid Plus (PMD+) screens. 

With its compact footprint, industry-leading processing capacity, solids bypass prevention, and low maintenance cost, the Hyperpool system is well-suited for all HDD applications 


Ditch Witch, (580) 336-4402 

The MR90 mud-recycling system promises versatility on the job. This single, self-contained unit can mix and recycle mud, handle spoils, and be transported full of fluid for increased efficiency and reduced job-site expense. 

As one of the most compact on the market, MR90 meets the demands of any small-to-medium-size drill, with up to 40-gallons-per-minute cleaning capability, depending on soil conditions. It’s also equipped with a 25-horsepower (18.7 kW) Kubota Tier 4 engine; 340-gallon, first-pass mud tank; and 110-gallon clean tank with 3-inch vacuum connections. 

An optional 300-gallon freshwater tank, with transfer pump, helps add drilling fluid capacity and high-pressure water for clean-up. 


Elgin Separation Systems, (281) 261-5778 

The industry’s largest and most effective cleaning system, KEMTRON 1500HDX is built on a 56-foot-long, triple-axel, rock over trailer, with an impressive 9,000-gallon tank capacity. 

Four Hyper-G shakers incorporate Elgin’s patented “water-fall” screen system, which dramatically reduces the potential for solids bypass typically encountered by damaged screen gaskets, improper installation, and flooding of the rear screen by fluid. 

Inset pump cabins along the side of the unit make pump pressure more efficient, reducing hydraulic friction losses during operation. These cabins also provide direct maintenance access to each pump. In addition, onsite installation is enhanced with Elgin’s proprietary catwalk lift assist cylinders. 


Mud Technology International, Inc., (903) 675-3240 

For more than a quarter of a century, Mud Technology has been serving customers around the world with solids control equipment solutions and replacement parts for most brands. 

Standard equipment includes magnum pumps with mechanical seals, manifolded plumbing with independent valves on cone manifold, LED onboard work lights, 110-volt power supply, and sound attenuation generator package (upon request) for operation in sensitive eco-systems. It also includes high G-force linear shakers and high cleaning efficiency – all user-friendly with quick rig-up and -down. 

When it comes to a custom design for a specialty application, the company’s engineering team is ready and able to accommodate all desires and needs – the basics and “bells and whistles.” 


Triflo, (936) 856-8551 

Triflo is a solids control and fluid management solutions company with 43 years of experience. It began business in 1979 with a commitment to meet the fluid processing needs of drilling contractors and operators. 

Through design expertise and manufacturing know-how, Triflo developed a full line of quality, solid separation products. These include clarifiers, shakers, desanders, desilters, mud cleaners, and mud systems. Our specialties include 3D design, dewatering solutions, engineering, and solids control equipment. 

These systems can cover many different industries and provide a more efficient way for disposing and recycling drilling fluids. 


TT Technologies, Inc., (800) 533-2078 

Grundomudd portable bentonite mixing/delivery systems from TT Technologies use a Venturi mixer/filtration technique to quickly mix bentonite and water into slurry. An in-tank re-circulating valve prevents the mixture from settling. 

Available in 225-, twin 225-, 500-, and 1,000-gallon capacity, all models are designed for use with pneumatic trenchless tools, including pipe ramming, pneumatic pipe bursting and directional boring units. 

Each self-contained unit comes complete and ready to use. A tank isolation valve allows pump lines to be cleaned without draining the tank(s). All models incorporate easy-to-clean, round poly tanks. 


Tulsa Rig Iron, (918) 321-3330 

MCS-425 is the drilling contractor’s choice to pair with 100,000-pound HDD drills using onboard, 400-500-gallon-per-minute mud pumps. 

This compact system features a 4,900-gallon, three-compartment tank; one three-panel linear motion scalping shaker; one five-panel linear motion combo shaker with a 10-inch desanding hydrocyclone and six 5-inch desilting hydrocyclones; an 80KW generator; adjustable while drilling shaker deck angle adjustment; and coated tanks to minimize corrosion. It’s also available in an integrated gooseneck trailer design. 

All Tulsa Rig Iron mud systems are designed to be highly mobile and operator friendly. 


Vermeer, (641) 628-3141 

The three-tank (scalped, middle and clean) R600T reclaimer, with total fluid capacity of 7,729 gallons (29,257.4 L), can process 1,100 gallons per minute (4,163.9 L/min) of drilling slurry for a true cleaning capacity suited for HDD projects in the 600-gallons-per-minute (2,271.2-L/min) range. 

Drilling slurry cycles through two 10-inch (25.4-cm) desanders and a manifold with 16 5-inch (12.7-cm) desilters to remove sand and coarse material before being deposited onto the unit’s linear motion shaker decks. The unique design of the desilter manifold reduces turbulence when the liquid exits the hydrocyclone, helping minimize recycled sand content and keep spoil/soil moisture levels low. 

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