July 2021 Vol. 76 No. 7

Rehab Technology

Rehab Technology

Hobas Pipe Proves Good Fit for Providence Water Sliplining 

Since a 1996 rupture of a 102-inch-diameter pipe raised concerns about the structural integrity of a 9.5-mile aqueduct supplying water to about 600,000 customers in Rhode Island, Providence Water has embarked on a systematic and comprehensive inspection, repair, and risk assessment program. 

Over the years, the utility company has made numerous repairs and has been on the forefront of using different technologies and methods. The latest is sliplining with Hobas pipe. 

According to Matthew Gallant, P.E., engineering division manager at Providence Water, it was “a solution that allowed us to make needed repairs but also start incrementally replacing the existing pipeline, which is now over 50 years old, with a fully structural pipe that didn’t compromise hydraulics. It was also more cost-effective and expedient … than some of the methods we previously used.” 

Produced using centrifugally cast fiberglass reinforced polymer wall construction with the typical polyester liner layer and epoxy resin coating on the final interior surface, the high-strength structural pipe proved to be a good choice. 

“Hobas pipe is a good fit because of its strength, integrity, and ease of use,” said Andy Greenlaw, executive from the contractor on the project. “It has given us the ability to actually navigate curved pipe sections, which has been critical to accomplishing the work.” 

It was also a good choice because it does not depend on the host pipe. 

“One of the major considerations in designing the Hobas slipliner was coming up with the right size pipe that was an acceptable reduction in diameter that could maintain the same hydraulic capacity of the existing pipelines,” Gallant said. “The smoother interior surface of the Hobas pipe, as opposed to the rougher concrete of the existing PCCP host pipe, allowed the same hydraulic capacity to be maintained.” 


Hobas Pipe USA, (800) 856-7473, hobaspipe.com 


Quadex Structure Guard Passes Greenbook Testing, Earns Approval 

Vortex Companies LLC’s workhorse epoxy coating, Structure Guard, has passed the critical chemical resistance (“pickle-jar”) testing, as required by the city of Los Angeles Department of Public Works, in accordance with Greenbook section SSPWC 211-2. 

By meeting or exceeding the specifications for epoxy liners (SSPWC Section 500-2.8.5), the city has formally approved Structure Guard for use in sewer rehabilitation applications. 

Over the last few years, Vortex’s Quadex Repair Materials product line has expanded, and the product development team has diligently worked with third-party testing laboratories, as well as the city of LA’s Bureau of Engineering, to demonstrate the performance of Structure Guard in highly corrosive sewer environments. 

To date, more than 200 other cities, counties, and agencies have adopted the City of LA Greenbook Standard as their own standard for public works construction specifications. 

The “pickle-jar” test is viewed as the ultimate challenge to a product’s ability to withstand the most extreme chemically corrosive environments. With this acceptance, Structure Guard, a 100-percent solids epoxy coating is approved for application to brick, concrete and mortar surfaces typically found in underground sewer infrastructure. 

“Structure Guard is one of only a handful of protective epoxy coating products to be approved for application on such a broad range of substrates,” added Brocklyn Stone, senior product manager. 

Vortex Companies delivers advanced trenchless technologies and turnkey services to cost-effectively renew municipal, industrial, and commercial infrastructure. Vortex Products division, develops and sells manhole and pipe rehabilitation materials, polymeric coatings and resins, sewer robot systems, rehab equipment, sensor technology and high-speed drain cleaning tools. Vortex Services division provides lining and coating solutions, pipe bursting, CCTV, and inspection. 


Vortex Companies, (713) 750-9081, vortexcompanies.com 

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