May 2020 Vol. 75 No. 5

New Products

New Products, Innovative Technology Showcased at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2020

ALLU, (800) 939 2558 

An ALLU product launch marked the world premiere of the company’s first three crusher models. Designed for excavators in the 10- to 33-ton range, all have purpose-built features that make them easy to use, optimize performance, and facilitate maintenance in the field.  

The latest Transformer developments were also on display, including Screener Crusher attachments and the new TS Blade Structure, which deliver increased levels of versatility, efficiency and productivity in transforming unusable dirt, construction waste and green waste into valuable material. 

“By bringing this new product line to market we will be able to provide customers with what they have been looking for,” said Jeroen Hinnen, ALLU Group’s vice president of sales. While the Transformer is designed for soft rock and other materials, the Crusher enables hard rock and often troublesome demolition materials to be effectively reduced.” 


Bobcat, (800) 743-4340 

R-Series T76

Bobcat launched the all-new, next-generation R-Series, designed to tackle both everyday work and the toughest challenges. The first models on display at CONEXPO-CON/GG 2020 are the T76 compact track loader and S76 skid-steer loader. 

Bobcat also launched the first two models of the new R2-Series compact excavators. E42 and E50 pack the digging power of a larger machine into a frame that can fit into compact job sites, while delivering impressive performance, comfort features, and machine uptime protection. 

Other new excavators are the 14-metric-ton, turbo-charged E145, and the E165, the largest in the lineup, yet light enough to transport to and from the job site. Both models are ideal for heavy digging and lifting operations, including underground utility applications and bridge projects. 


CASE; (866) 542-2736 


CASE Construction Equipment debuted the all-new DL550B – the industry’s first fully integrated compact dozer loader. Weighing approximately 18,000 pounds and operating at 114 horsepower. DL550B features a true dozer-style undercarriage for optimal dozing performance and is available in either steel or rubber track configurations to provide contractors with extreme flexibility.  

580 EV

CASE also unveiled “Project Zeus” – the 580 EV – the construction industry’s first fully electric backhoe loader. With a 480-volt, 90-kilowatt-hour, lithium-ion battery pack that can be charged by any 220-volt/three-phase connection, it is equivalent in power and performance to CASE’s other diesel backhoes. However, 580 EV will significantly lower daily operating costs, produce zero emissions, and reduce maintenance demands, saving fleets as much as 90 percent in annual vehicle service and maintenance costs. 


Caterpillar, (888) 614-4328 

Cat 313

Caterpillar introduced five, new Next Generation excavators: 

• In the 13-ton class, Cat 313 is designed to boost operator efficiencies by up to 45 percent, and Cat 313 GC lowers maintenance costs by up to 25 percent.  

• Cat 315 offers superior performance in a compact design, increasing productivity by up to 45 percent and making it the most productive Cat excavator in the 15-ton size class. 

• Cat 325 hydraulic excavator features a compact radius design that boosts efficiencies up to 45 percent compared to previous models. It also offers reduced fuel consumption and maintenance costs, and improved operator comfort at a low cost-per-hour. Cat 395 delivers up to 10-percent more production, two times more structural durability and up to 20-percent less maintenance costs than the industry leader it replaces, 90F. 


Ditch Witch, (580) 336-4402 


Ditch Witch offered an up-close look at new equipment that boasts convenience, power and productivity. 

SK3000 brings true stand-on visibility to the full-size skid steer class, with an easy-on, easy-off platform. Its 59-horsepower, Yanmar turbo-charged diesel engine; 3,100-pound operating capacity; 5,500-pound breakout force; and durable design mean it can complete construction-grade jobs typically reserved for full-sized skid steers and compact track loaders. But its lighter, 7,600-pound weight means easier transport and maneuverability. 


The HX30G vacuum excavator offers high-profile power in a low-profile design to ease navigation in congested job sites. With a 31-horsepower engine; 452-cubic-feet-per-minute blower and 4.2-gallon-per-minute water system capable of 3,000 pounds per square inch; and 800-gallon debris tank, HX30G handles a broad range of underground construction, excavation and cleanup tasks without compromising productivity, comfort or economics. 


Doosan Infracore North America, (678) 714-6000 


The new DL580-5 offers a two-pass fill wheel loader for over-the-road, 24-ton capacity trucks. Suited to heavy-duty construction tasks, it can move large amounts of abrasive material, while providing comfort and increased uptime.  

Doosan introduced new models in its expanded excavator lineup: 

• Three mini excavators were added in the popular 3.5-, 4- and 5-ton size classes. The smallest, DX35-5, is tailored for congested job sites and up-close conditions.  

• DX62R-3 mini excavator with reduced tail swing – just 4.9 inches of side overhang – provides more flexibility to maneuver, without sacrificing performance. 

• The 80-metric-ton, Tier 4-compliant DX800LC crawler excavator – the largest Doosan model yet – can handle very large projects at infrastructure job sites needing massive amounts of material to be excavated and stockpiled or loaded into trucks to be moved. 


Doosan Portable Power, (800) 633-5206 


Doosan Portable Power expanded its small air compressor lineup with the introduction of XP185WDO. This high-pressure model, with a 74-horsepower, Tier 4 Final-compliant engine, produces 185 cubic feet per minute and 125 pounds per square inch. Its 10-hour runtime at 100-percent load maximizes job-site productivity and its diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) aftertreatment system is virtually maintenance-free. 


A new option, in the small to mid-size generator lineup and select large models, improves machine performance and decreases possible downtime associated with Tier 4-compliant mobile generators in light load and fluctuating demand applications. The internally packaged Intelligent Load Management System (ILMS) option automatically adjusts the engine and exhaust temperature with supplemental heat to ensure the generator operates at full capacity, regardless of load demands. 


Gorman-Rupp Pumps, (419) 755-1011 

A new, self-priming, positive-displacement, hydraulic piston pump, SludgeKat, is designed to handle applications involving heavy sludges and slurries that other pumps cannot. With 4-inch (100-mm) suction and discharge ports, this pump is capable of flows up to 226 gallons per minute and heads up to 390 feet total dynamic height (118.9 m).  

Depending on the product being pumped, SludgeKat can pass up to 2.4-inch diameter solids without damaging or clogging it. Units are equipped with the latest in Kohler Tier IV diesel engine-driven technology. The pump end frame is mounted to a 52-gallon fuel tank base and offers a full-load run time of 25.5 hours. 


John Deere, (844) 809-1508 


New models address operator needs for improved performance and productivity. 

Four new utility models expand the L-Series wheel loader lineup: 444L, 644L, 644L Hybrid and 724L. Improvements include a redesigned Z-Bar loader linkage; an updated, ergonomically designed cab; electrohydraulic (EH) controls; and a more robust heating, ventilation and air conditioning system. More powerful than the previous K-Series models, 644L has 249 horsepower, 644L Hybrid has 231 horsepower, and 724L has 268 horsepower. 

700L and 750L dozers boast updates such as an all-new operator station, low-effort electrohydraulic (EH) controls, and a suite of factory grade control solutions. They are equipped with a six-cylinder, 6.8-liter John Deere engine, and increased power levels – 135 horsepower (700L) and 175 horsepower (750L) – higher than any dozer in their respective classes.  


Komatsu, (847) 437-5800 


Komatsu’s D155CX-8 pipelayer made its global debut. With an oval track undercarriage, front/rear and left/right weight distribution, and long (12 feet 10 inches) track on ground, the Tier 4, 170,000-pound rated-lift-capacity machine was designed for maneuverability and stability 

Other standard features include a ROPS cab with automatic climate control, large cab windows, a skylight viewing area, and both front and rearview cameras for operator safety and comfort. A load moment indicator and additional right-side counterweight-mounted camera are optional. 

The company also premiered MyKomatsu, a complimentary web-based portal that integrates 20 legacy systems into actionable intelligence that assists customers in effectively running their businesses. Users have 24/7 access to parts ordering and machine data, parts and service manuals, and more. They can visualize and evaluate their assets with fleet-wide or equipment-specific information from any device. 


Kubota, (888) 458-2682   

With the SCL1000, Kubota Tractor Corporation is entering the stand-on track loader market. It features a wide, 9.8-inch track that comes standard on the overall narrow, 36-inch machine body; and a rated operating capacity of 1,000 pounds. 

The integrated track design is engineered for durability, with the undercarriage welded to the mainframe of the body. With a rating of 4.0 pounds per square inch, the wide track is low impact and minimizes damage to grass and landscaping. 

SCL1000 boasts a best-in-class travel speed of 5.1 miles per hour and a powerful, 24.8-horsepower, turbo-charged Kubota diesel engine with quiet operation, high-altitude performance and no diesel particulate filter requirement. Its loader arms reach high and far with a hinge pin height of 84.7 inches and a reach of 25.9 inches at a 45-degree dump angle. 


LiuGong/Dressta, (281) 579-8882 

LiuGong Dressta debuted its new dozer, TD-16N. Featuring a mid-cab design over a mid-mounted automatic, dual-path hydrostatic drive train, TD-16N comes with a standard, six-way angle blade and is compatible with 2D and 3D grade control systems. Controls are easily accessible and intuitive, thanks to the electro-hydraulic joysticks.  

With 42,090-pound operating weight and 170 net horsepower, it delivers power and performance. It’s also a game changer in versatility, due to its unique undercarriage design, utilizing a single-track gauge for all track shoe widths. This allows the dozer to be reconfigured at any point in its life, from standard to LGP undercarriage, by simply changing the track shoes and the blade. In addition to versatility, this feature increases resale values, since future owners can reconfigure the machine to perfectly match their needs. 


McElroy, (918) 836-8611 

McElroy Optimized Cooling – a new feature available only on the McElroy DataLogger 6 – results in dramatic time savings and productivity increases, by reducing the cooling time during the fusion process.  

It is based on a patent-pending formula that includes the ambient temperature, pipe temperature, weather conditions, heat soak time and pipe wall thickness for each joint. This procedure is compliant with ASTM F2620, and can be stored and analyzed online in the McElroy Vault for a complete record of the job. 


Toro Company  

Toro took a major step into the electric-powered equipment marketplace with the introduction of the new e-Dingo 500 compact utility loader. The e-Dingo allows end users to realize all the benefits and power of a standard compact utility loader, with no fuel costs and zero exhaust emissions.  

Greater efficiency and reliable performance set the e-Dingo apart. It’s powered by lithium-ion battery technology designed for tasks that require heavy or continuous operation for indoor applications. The maximum operating capacity of 515 pounds reduces labor and hauling time. 

Versatility is also a hallmark of the e-Dingo, thanks to Toro’s 4-Paw independent four-wheel drive system and true spin-turn performance. In addition, the new electric-powered models are compatible with several existing Dingo attachments. 


Vacall, (800) 382-8302 

Vacall featured the AllExcavate hydro excavator, which uses high-pressure jetting action – up to 24.5 gallons per minute, with up to 3,000 pounds per square inch – to loosen material. Then, it has the industry's strongest vacuum forces – up to 27 inches HG and 5,800 cubic feet per minute – to remove the material and water slurry into a debris tank. 

This highly productive process disturbs less terrain than conventional excavation while it exposes underground water and sewer lines, creates piling holes and slot trenches, and cleans frac tanks and other machinery on oil and gas exploration sites.

AllExcavate’s multi-stage vacuum filtration system has a simplified design to reduce maintenance, extend performance and increase working life. As material is deposited into the debris body, air continues to move through a dual cyclone separator, where more material particles and moisture are removed. The filtered air then passes through the blower, silencer and the exhaust. 


Vacuworx, (918) 259-3050  


Updates to the flagship line of RC Series Vacuum Lifting System to maximize safety, while minimizing downtime, were on display. 

Enhancements to the adapter make installation of RC Series lifters to the host machine, such as an excavator, even easier. Removable top caps facilitate positioning and securing the adapter pin, a flow control block has been incorporated, and the tombstone (part that connects to the base plate) is now a replaceable element of the assembly, rather than being welded to the adapter. 

Innovative application of Controller Area Network (CAN) bus technology makes the lifters “smatter” than ever before, by monitoring electronic components and providing real-time diagnostics. A new CAN bus technology dashboard gauge on one side of the lifter shows error codes, oil and fuel levels, pressure level, number of lifts and engine hours.  


Vanair, (800) 526-8817 

Vanair debuted its Start-All Jump Pack series of portable jump starters for a wide variety of vehicles 

A high-output premium lithium-ion battery provides maximum performance and longevity, while proprietary Protect-All technology enables Start-All Jump Pack units to safely transfer instantaneous energy to the battery – for worry-free jump-starting, including reverse polarity, low-voltage protection, short circuit overheat protection, and over-discharge protection.  

The series includes four models: 2500A 12V, 5000A 12V, 10000A 12V, and 3000A 24V, each having the most starting power (measured in joules) in its class.  

Equipped with DC auxiliary, USB and 12-volt output ports, all models double as a portable power bank, to recharge personal electronics and provide power for tire pumps, lights and more. A 500 lumen LED flashlight with SOS strobe functions comes standard with each model, as well. 



Vermeer introduced its D220x500 S3 Navigator horizontal directional drill (HDD), which has multiple configurations available for maximum versatility, from large-diameter water and utility installs in urban areas, to challenging pipeline work. 

The new HDD delivers up to 54,000 foot pounds (39,828.2 Nm) of torque at a spindle speed of 36 revolutions per minute; 240,400 pounds (1069.4 kN) of thrust/pullback; and fluid flow rates of up to 350 gallons per minute (1324.9 L/min) if the onboard pump is selected. 

It’s available with an onboard cab or stand-alone operator cab, and with a 20-foot to 30-foot (6.1- to 9.1-meter) rod rack. Contractors can also choose between a rod stager or full-length catwalk, and add an optional mud pump, crane or hydraulic scissor lift for optimum staging efficiency.  


Volvo, (855) 235-6014 

Volvo Construction Equipment launched Volvo Active Control, now available on the EC220E, EC250E and EC300E crawler excavators in North America. 

This system guides the operator through the functions to automate the digging process. Once the parameters of the job are entered and it’s launched via a button, the excavator automatically adjusts the boom and bucket movements to make precise cuts, following the desired shape and delivering the right angle of grade.  

The system allows operators to get the right depth and angle easily, reducing grading times by up to 45 percent compared to conventional grading. And, there is no need for rework because the system gets it right the first time, with accuracy within 1 inch of target grade. Safety is also improved because a second person is not needed to take depth or grade checks. 


Wacker Neuson, (262) 250-3575 


New products introduced include: 

• ET42, a 4.2-ton excavator, offers large machine features in a smaller package, making it an excellent fit for the North American market. Voice-of-customer research resulted in a comfortable machine design that offers superior visibility of the boom, attachment and working area.  

• Available on mobile excavators EW65 and EW100, and tracked excavator ET90, triple-boom excavators offer increased digging area through an extended digging range. This allows the operator to reach farther, dig closer to the blade and reach under the machine when needed. 

• WL 95, the largest articulated wheel loader in the fleet, can load, move and place material more efficiently. The highly productive unit features return-to-dig and ride-control as standard, plus a large, comfortable cab with multi-functional joystick and jog dial for easy adjustment of flow rate, 

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