January 2020 Vol. 75 No. 1

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Avanti Expands Product Offerings


Avanti has added an AV-500 Epoxy line to its portfolio of injection solutions used to stabilize soils and rock, restore structural integrity, stop leaks, and control groundwater. Specific products in this new line are:

  • AV-502 Injectable Bonding Epoxy Series is uniquely formulated and developed for structural concrete repair via crack injection, gravity feed or patching. It can be used as a liquid binder for sand, aggregate, or any other mineral filler to patch or resurface damaged concrete slabs and repair masonry, wood and other rigid construction materials. Available in low (LV), mid-range (MV) and high viscosity (HV), it meets or exceeds requirements of ASTM C 881 or AASHTO M-235 (Types I, Grade 2, Class C).
  • AV-522 Crack Sealing Paste, a two-component, non-sag structural epoxy, is designed to offer exceptional mechanical strength in anchoring/bonding applications. Due to its high bond strength to concrete, it’s ideal for anchoring threaded rod or rebar dowels. And its consistency makes it good for capping (sealing) in crack injection or general surface repairs. AV-522 meets or exceeds requirements of ASTM C 881 (Types I, II, IV, &V Grade 3, Class B & C).
  • AV-580 Joint Filler Epoxy is specifically designed for filling sawcut control joints and contraction joints in concrete. This two-component, 100-percent-solids, VOC-free, thermosetting epoxy system cures to a semi-rigid resiliency, which supports joint edges to prevent deterioration and concrete spalling. AV-580 bonds tightly to the sides of concrete joints, prevents contaminant and water penetration, and delivers high wear resistance and durability.
  • AV-590 Joint Filler Polyurea, like AV-580 Epoxy, is designed for filling sawcut control joints and contraction joints in concrete.
    AV-590 is a two-component, 100-percent-solids, VOC-free, rapid-setting, polyurea system that cures to a semi-rigid resiliency with the same preventive and tight bonding properties as AV-580 Epoxy.

Avanti also introduced new, easy-to-use, dual cartridges for its hydrophobic grouts:

  • AV-248-LV and AV-249-LV Flexseal Cat LV, and AV-275 Soilgrout and AV-276 Soilcat dual cartridges are available in a 10:1 ratio – 750 ml of resin and 75 ml of catalyst.
  • Dual cartridges for AV-290 are available in a 1:1 ratio – 325 ml of AV-290 Part A and 325 ml of AV-290 Part B.
  • Cartridges are also available for AV-202 Multigrout, AV-202-LV Multigrout LV, AV-202-NTP Multigrout NTP and AV-522 Crack Sealing Paste.

“We are continuously looking for ways to add value to our current and future channel partners and end users” said Britt N. Babcock, president of Avanti. “Dual-cartridges can be beneficial for smaller applications, where a full 5-gallon kit may not be necessary, saving the customer time and money.”

Avanti International is a leading producer and provider of injection solutions for municipal, industrial and geotechnical applications. Since its founding in 1978, the Houston-based company continues to research, develop and perfect new solutions for the industry.

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