March 2018 Vol. 73 No. 3

Equipment Spotlight


Wyo-Ben Inc. has responded to increasing regulatory pressure and customer inquiries on the disposal of spent drilling fluids by introducing SOLIDIBOND 1.1 and SOLIDIBOND 2.2.  Slurries solidified with SOLIDIBOND pass the paint filter test, allowing for less-expensive disposal as a solid. Lowering disposal costs even further, these high-efficiency products have application rates of 0.5 percent to 3% percent. Use SOLIDBOND and put money back in your pocket.

CETCO drilling fluidsCETCO
CETCO has introduced HERCUL-EZ Extreme Solids Suspension Fluid as the solution to fluid-loss problems in unconsolidated formations. HERCUL-EZ is ideal for difficult-to-drill applications, such as large river crossings or in gravel/cobble. The extreme shear-thinning nature is well-suited for mud recycling systems, and for situations where excessive flow rates and pump pressures are to be avoided. It’s not for use with PACs, PHPAs, and thinners.

Baroid drilling fluidsBaroid
PENETROL DRY surfactant reduces the sticking tendencies of clay and shale, without excessive foaming, during mixing or active circulation. It helps reduce bit balling, while improving drill efficiency, and coats the bottom hole assembly and drill string to minimize the potential for accretion of cuttings. A free-flowing granular product, PENETROL DRY is easy to mix, designed for use in water-based drilling fluids and is compatible with bentonite- or polymer-based systems.


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