January 2018 Vol. 73 No. 1

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CETCO introduced HERCULA-EZ, a cutting-edge additive used in conjunction with its bentonite-based drilling muds for horizontal directional drilling (HDD).

With proper formulation, the system will produce a unique drilling fluid with excellent shear-thinning characteristics. At low shear or at rest, the fluid will gel and allow for suspension of large cuttings, yet thins immediately under pumping conditions. At rest, HERCUL-EZ looks and behaves like a semi-solid, but when sheared, even slightly, will revert back to a thin, almost water-like consistency.

HERCULZ-EZ is ideal for difficult-to-drill applications, such as large river crossings or in gravel/cobble. The extreme shear-thinning nature is well-suited for mud recycling systems and for situations needing to avoid excessive flow rates and pump pressures.

This extreme solids suspension fluid maximizes drilling efficiency:

  • Extreme solids suspension capable of supporting and moving sand, gravel, and cobbles.
  • Helps prevent formation bridging and blockage due to settling of drill cuttings.
  • Lower pump pressures can reduce the likelihood of frac-outs.
  • Unique filter cake means that fluid is contained in borehole, even when drilling through gravel and cobbles.
  • Ideal for use with recycling systems as it will not blind screens.
  • Flow profile is plug-like for more complete borehole sweeping.
  • Thinning only occurs at the borehole walls and drill stem.

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