June 2017 Vol. 72 No. 6

New Products

New Padding Bucket Designed Specifically For Pipelines

Finish manufacturer REMU has introduced a new pipeline padding bucket to the North American market.

The PD3160 is specifically designed for pipeline padding to preparing padding material used to protect pipelines from damage by any sharp particles, said Eric Dupee, vice president of REMU USA.

The PD3160 mounts on a 30- to 40-ton excavator.

Rotating blades in the bottom of the bucket separate fine particles in homogenous soils from oversized particles which remain in the bucket. Blades are shaped so screening is accomplished without crushing sharp-edged stones. Each blade rotor is powered by a direct drive radial piston motor to evenly distribute base power from the base machine for operating efficiency and fuel savings.

“Maximum particle size in padding material,” said Dupee, “typically is either one-half to five-eighths of an inch which can be achieved with PD3160 blade spacing of three-quarters or 1 inch. The PD3160 also is available with other blade spacing to meet various requirements.”

The PD3160 bucket is 83 inches wide, 65 inches deep and 63 inches high with a screen area of 16 cubic feet. Weight is 6,400 pounds.

“The bucket frame is robust and can be used to move large stones on the job site,” Dupee said. “The bucket’s frame structure is designed for the forces a 30- or 40-ton excavator encounters when used to assist movements of the base machine.
“The PD3160 requires minimal maintenance with just one daily service point, and the motor side requires no daily maintenance – important features when working in remote areas without access to shop facilities.”

The PD3160 padding bucket is available now directly from REMU USA and its distributors.

REMU’s primary product line is screening buckets with the fastest growth in sales currently for an amphibious excavator. REMU equipment is manufactured in Finland with approximately 90 percent of its products shipped out of the country. Primary markets are the United States and United Kingdom, with shipments also going to Australia and several countries in Africa and Asia.

REMU USA is based in Old Orchard Beach, ME.

REMU USA Inc., (888) 600-0018, usa@remu.fi

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