September 2015 Vol. 70 No. 9


Rehab Technology New Products

Flowtite Stops Pipe Joint Leaks
Flowtite Fiberglass Reinforced Pipe (FRP) takes full advantage of the specific characteristics of basic raw materials to create strong, corrosion-proof pipe and pipe components. Flowtite is lightweight, long-lasting and extremely resistant to both inner and outer corrosion. This makes it a reliable, cost-effective solution to water, sewer and industrial piping applications. Flowtite is available in a variety of standard pressure classes up to 450 psi depending on diameter, four different stiffness classes, and diameters ranging from 4 to 156 inches.

Flowtite pipes come with tough REKA gaskets as standard, and that means they have not one but two strong gaskets plus a center stop register. Together, these provide a tight, efficient joint that eliminates infiltration and exfiltration. REKA seals can even maintain their integrity after slight directional changes, ground settlement or even intended deflection.

Flowtite’s filament-wound pipe, coupled with the strength of its REKA-gasketed, filament-wound couplings, gives you real pipe integrity, both for gravity and pressure applications. REKA gaskets become even tighter under pressure, and by removing the center register, the couplings can become slip couplings. 225.658.6166,

ID-TEC presents their fifth piece of equipment for the Sewer Rehabilitation SERIES base robotID-TEC
ID-TEC presents their fifth piece of equipment for the Sewer Rehabilitation SERIES base robot, the heavy grinding, milling and cutting equipment. The equipment has a 7-inch stroke and a 6,000 watt, water driven, piston motor for cutting even the hardest materials. The twist-and-lock mechanism serves as a base for the multifunctional robot. This mechanism allows different equipment to be attached fast and secure to a base robot.
The robot is able to do CCTV inspections; place packers and renovation parts; remove roots and other blockades; reinstate laterals and do grinding, milling and cutting operations in 7-inch and larger relined pipelines by only changing the equipment. 503.504.8474,

iMPREGLinerThe iMPREGLiner is a glass-fiber pipe liner
The iMPREGLiner is a glass-fiber pipe liner that is ideal for trenchless sewer rehabilitation. iMPREGLiner users have two variants of the patented iMPREGLiner available, which is characteristic due to its simple and clean application on the job site as well as a long lifecycle of at least 50 years. All common profiles such as circular, egg-shaped, mouth or box, as well as special profiles, can be rehabilitated with the iMPREGLiner. The impregnation is carried out at the factory with an ISO NPG polyester resin for municipal use or with a vinyl ester resin for aggressive waste water. Custom liners are available. 219.561.1107,

3M Scotchkote Pipe Renewal Liner 24003M
The 3M Scotchkote Pipe Renewal Liner 2400 helps provide a cost effective solution to many of the problems common to potable water distribution systems. Its unique properties, combined with a trenchless spin cast application process, can efficiently coat the existing infrastructure. The process helps to restore internal pipe diameters, increasing flow, improving efficiency, minimizing water loss and helping to prevent additional corrosion and tuberculation.

Scotchkote Liner 2400 offers a 10-minute set time and 60-minute cure followed by a 30-minute flush.The ability to reinstate a water main within 90 minutes of lining allows for same day return to service – reducing total cost, shortening construction schedules and minimizing disruptions to water customers, traffic and local businesses. Use for the rehabilitation of ductile, cast-iron or cement mortar lined ductile or cast iron drinking water mains between 4- and 24-inches in diameter.

Scotchkote Liner 2400 is NSF/ANSI-61 certified and approved for contact with drinking water in countries in North America, 888.745.4350,

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