October 2015 Vol. 70 No. 10


Trenchless Pipe Replacement

HammerHead Trenchless Equipment
HammerHead pneumatic pipe-bursting systems are being used by underground contractors around the world as an effective method to replace failing, outdated or under sized sewer, water and gas lines. Pipe bursting follows the path of the existing utilities, reducing utility strike risks and eliminating up to 85 percent of excavation work compared to open-cut methods. HammerHead pneumatic pipe-bursting systems are configured to suit the specific conditions of your jobsite. HammerHead offers eight pneumatic bursting tool models ranging from 5-inch to 24-inch, capable of installing pipe from 6-inch to 30-inch. They also offer 12- and 20-ton winches with features not found on competitive models. Their tools are designed to handle the toughest pipe-bursting jobs with exceptional performance, with features not found on competitive models, such as their patented and reliable true air reverse, which is controlled above ground. The patented rear anvil provides up to 200 percent more clamp load than competitive models and is the most secure rear-end assembly on the market. 800.331.6653, www.hammerheadtrenchless.com

TT Technologies Grundomud uses a Venturi mixer/filtration systemTT Technologies
Bentonite usage can mean the difference between failure and success in pipe bursting, pipe ramming and directional drilling applications. The Grundomudd uses a Venturi mixer/filtration system to mix water and bentonite in a matter of minutes, while an in-tank recirculating valve keeps that mixture from settling. A Hypro diaphragm pump is used for pumping the bentonite mixture into the bore hole. Bentonite specifications show that two 50-pound bags of bentonite combined with 225-gallons of water will yield a 5 percent mixture. Cleanup is faster with a tank isolation valve and pump lines can be cleaned without draining the tank. The unit also provides easy freshwater flushing and easy antifreeze protection. Built to order bentonite systems are also available for special applications. 800.533.2078, www.tttechnologies.com

Nowak Pipe ReamingThe InneReam system from Nowak places no undue stress on nearby fragile structures
The InneReam system places no undue stress on nearby fragile structures or paving during the installation process, consequently reducing stress on the installer. The system provides for the removal of existing VCP, PVC, AC, reinforced (Class II and III) or non-reinforced concrete pipe, and the simultaneous replacement with an HDPE, PVC or restrained joint ductile iron pipe of equal or larger diameter, double diameter replacement being the practical maximum upsize. Removal of the in-place pipe is accomplished by back reaming, using a directional drilling machine with a cutter head that reduces the existing pipe to small pieces, which are carried along with other excess particles by the drilling fluid to an extraction point. 316.794.8898, www.pipereaming.com

Tenbusch designs and fabricates custom tunneling and pipe jacking shield conveyorsTenbusch
Tenbusch designs and fabricates custom tunneling and pipe jacking shield conveyors. A mechanized conveyor within the shield transports spoil from the floor of the tunnel face and conveys it up into the muck cart. Conveyors improve productivity and can reduce the overall cost of the tunneling project. Shield conveyors are custom built for the customer’s specific requirements and job site conditions. Shield conveyors are an option for both tunneling processes, such as conventional pipe jacking and tunneling for liner plate (or beam and lagging).
An added benefit of purchasing a shield conveyor is that the conveyor can be transferred to other shields for other tunneling or pipe jacking projects. 972.221.2304, www.tenbusch.com

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