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LMK Technologies Continues to Lead the Way in Trenchless Rehabilitation

LMK Technologies Continues to Lead the Way in Trenchless Rehabilitation of Main to Lateral Connections with the Addition of Man Entry Lapel Liner

Located in Ottawa, Illinois, LMK Technologies has been a leader in trenchless Cured-In-Place Pipe (CIPP) lining since 1993. LMK is recognized by many municipalities and engineering firms as the innovative leader for the trenchless renewal of sewer laterals, mainlines and manholes. LMK has over 100 patents and pending patent applications throughout the world. During 2015, LMK introduced a solution to rehabilitating the lateral connection to the main in large diameter mains with the Man Entry Lapel Liner.

LMK’s Man Entry Lapel Liner, large diameter liner uses patent pending technology that allows for a water-tight connection to be made to either the CIPP lining or to the original host pipe. This is a mechanically anchored liner that also includes the use of molded gaskets made of hydrophilic rubber and a metal brim flange. The liner system consists of a fabric tube of the desired length with a factory attached brim and a thermo-set CIPP resin system. The mainline brim and lateral tubes are vacuum impregnated with the resin, the hydrophilic gaskets are installed, and then the liner is mechanically placed inside the pipes via man entry into the mainline. The connection stays in place with the stainless steel compression ring that is fastened to the main pipe to create a one-piece lateral lining and sealed connection.

LMK’s T-Liner®, which is a one-piece main to lateral connection systemLMK’s T-Liner®, which is a one-piece main to lateral connection system with Insignia™ hydrophilic gasket sealing technology, is fully compliant with ASTM F2561-11. The full circle CIPP mainline portion creates a 50 year structural repair while the lateral portion simultaneously renews the lateral for up to 200 ft. T-Liner 3.0 uses Insignia hydrophilic O-ring gasket at the lateral termination and a Junction Hat at the main-to-lateral connection, creating a long-term service life to match the structural life.

For shorter lateral shots, LMK’s T-Liner Shorty and Stubby are available. Shorty is ASTM F2561 compliant and extends up the lateral a length of ten (10) feet. Stubby renews the connection and 6 inches of the lateral. Both of these shorter T-Liner systems utilize the Insignia junction hat at the connection, ensuring a watertight renewed system.
Installed from the mainline, T-Liner and Shorty are positioned at the lateral using the latest in positioning technology including robotics and cameras. The inversion and steam or ambient cure process ensures a consistent, quality installed liner that is compliant with ASTM F2561 and F1216.

All of LMK main-to-lateral connections systems are installed by licensed trained independent contractors who make a significant investment to ensure quality installations. LMK’s installers are required to complete an extensive and rigorous training course at LMK’s state of the art facility, as well as in-the field training.

For manhole to manhole CIPP rehabilitation, the LMK Insignia™ End Seal sleeve that is available in diameters from 6 inches to 54 inches. When used in conjunction with mainline CIPP lining, the Insignia gasket forms a watertight seal in the annular space between the liner and the host pipe. An annular space is always created between the host pipe and the liner because CIPP resins do not bond to the host pipe. Without the compression gasket, water will track behind the liner and re-enter the collection system. The Insignia End Seal is available to all CIPP mainline contractors.

LMK’s Performance Liner® System is installed from one access point using custom fabricated, highly engineered equipmentFor lining lateral pipes only, LMK’s Performance Liner® System is installed from one access point using custom fabricated, highly engineered equipment. LMK’s lateral liner repairs and rehabilitates broken and leaking pipes with diameters of 3 to 8 inches. No digging is required to line 4 inch pipes up to 130 feet or 6 inch pipes up to 100 feet. Performance Liner Lining System is NSF/ANSI 14 certified and meets ASTM F1216.

If an outside clean-out is not available, LMK’s VAC-A-TEE® can be easily installed by vacuum or hydro excavation of a small diameter hole. Outside clean-outs ensure proper resin wet-out, allow for steam venting and minimize disruption to the homeowner. VAC-A-TEE meets the ASTM F3097-15 Standard, a practice for installation of an outside sewer service cleanout through a minimally invasive small bore created by a vacuum excavator.

The LMK CIPMH™ (cured-in-place manhole) liner is a unique one-piece liner made to fit all manholesThe LMK CIPMH™ (cured-in-place manhole) liner is a unique one-piece liner made to fit all manholes including barrel sections, eccentric and concentric cones constructed of brick and mortar, pre-cast or block. CIPMH for chimney or full-depth manhole repair eliminates infiltration & inflow through manhole walls. The universal sized manhole liner is engineered to resist freeze-thaw cycles and create a watertight, corrosion resistant lining.

LMK offers truly engineered solutions that are backed by a 10 year CIPP limited warranty, as well as world class research and development, technical sales and service teams.
LMK is a major supporter of the underground construction and trenchless technology industry and participates in many major educational and business events throughout the US and Canada. A member of NASSCO, NASTT, WEF, and numerous other organizations, LMK gladly opens its Interactive Technical Education Center (ITEC) for training sessions and demonstrations.

For more information about LMK’s industry leading solutions please visit www.lmktechnologies.com or call 815-433-1275.

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