March 2012, Vol. 67 No. 3

Equipment Spotlight

Downhole Directional Drilling Tools: Equipment Spotlight

Downhole tools from Ballantine, Vermeer, American Augers, Armadrillco, Melfred Borzall, INROCK, Railhead Underground Products, Sharewell, HammerHead Trenchless Equipment, Ditch Witch and Drillhead Directional.

Ballantine, known since 1959 as a manufacturer and marketer of ground engaging replacement wear parts for the trencher and horizontal directional drilling tool market announces the new Hurricane Collar. Ballantine has taken its market leading HDD collar and made it even better by adding small terminator teeth to the back side of the collar to protect the tool joint from rocks and debris during pull back. 763.427.3959,

The Armor Drilling System is a single HDD tooling system with multiple drilling options. The system features four distinct bits for use in specific ground conditions. The Gauntlet bit is designed for use in soft to medium rock, shale, hard pan and caliche ground conditions up to 10,000 psi with exceptional steering capabilities. Carbide buttons are strategically placed on the bit for optimum cutting, and carbide hard facing helps to enhance wear and performance characteristics. A replaceable three-tooth design delivers a consistent cutting structure for steering corrections and maximum drilling performance. 641.628.3141,

American Augers
The V-ROCK by American Augers is the tooling to have when unmanageable ground conditions threaten the success of any jobsite project. Excellent for use is dirt, shale, sand, gravel, cobble and sandstone, the V-ROCK survives in limestone, glacial till and intermittent hard rock. Features include a perimeter flow to create a complete slurry; replaceable jets; carbide chip leading edges to extend the life of the tool; and an integrated pulling eye. 800.324.4930,

Armadrillco has discovered that by combining the proper generator, the correct gearhead and a suitable counterbalance, sufficient power can be provided to operate a Transmitter indefinitely. Operationally, the Generator rotates with the drill stem as a counterbalance that is attached to the rotor is held in-place by gravity. This provides the relative motion between the rotor and the stator that is needed to produce power. Since power is not produced when the drill stem is not being rotated, Armadrillco also includes a rechargeable power cell to operate the transmitter when the drill stem is steady. By providing a ready supply of energy when the driller needs it, there aren’t any stressful “trip-outs” or replacing of expensive batteries. 817.529.3300,

Melfred Borzall
When you encounter cobbles and rocky conditions and need a successful bore the first time out, the bit you want at the end of your drill stem is Melfred Borzall’s new Iron Fist. The contoured design and carbide cutters make the Iron Fist ideal for cobblestone conditions. The main carbide cutters in front are positioned to allow the operator to “rock” the bit through rock and cobble. Balanced, compact cutters facilitate downhole stability and are less likely to hang up on cobbles. Cutters are strategically placed to protect the edges of the steer face. The Iron Fist features wrench flats for easy removal, a built-in check valve and ¼ inch recessed water holes to prevent clogging. The Iron Fist is one tough, long-wearing bit. 800.833.1252,

INROCK has a complete assortment of drill bits for drilling formations from soft soils to ultra hard rock, applications with motors, steerable jets, or straight boring. INROCK has the expertise to assist you in selecting the correct bit for the formation or to design pilot hole drilling assemblies to provide the lowest drilling cost per foot. Pilot Hole Drill Bits are key components of the drilling package. All the other components work in conjunction with the drill bit to cut the rock face. Drill Bits are available in a variety of cutting structure designs specific to different rock types. Their proven ruggedness and versatility provide HDD contractors the most cost effective cutting tool for drilling rock applications. 713.690.5600,

Railhead Underground Products
The EXTReam boasts no moving parts – at the end of a backream, simply replace any worn teeth and the EXTReam is ready to go again. The EXTReam has proven itself in field tests in cobble, soft to medium rock, and hard rock. The EXTReam is a true horizontal rock reamer and comes with two types of teeth with the EXTReam: a pointed tooth for softer rock, and a rounded tooth for harder rock. The EXTReam is delivered from the factory with most of the side and rear water ports plugged which forces most of the flow out the front to properly mix the cuttings. A variety of different size nozzles and plugs that can be used to reconfigure the water ports based upon the volume of mud being pumped and the conditions encountered during the pilot bore. The EXTReam works best with low pullback pressure and low rotational torque. Decrease the rotation when encountering extremely hard rock conditions. 888.313.7455,

Sharewell’s heavy-duty LTX series of Lo-Torque Hole Opener is ideal for pipeline projects. The field replaceable cutters are available in IADC TCI type 5, 7 or 8 and in mill tooth style. Each body can open four different hole sizes, and the larger cutters have big sealed bearings for longer downhole life. With only the cutters contacting the formation, less torque is required to operate the tool. 800.637.6461,

HammerHead Trenchless Equipment
Whether you’re drilling in rock, overburdened cobble or compacted soil, there’s a TriHawk drill head to meet your needs. TriHawk drill heads are made of the highest quality, heat-treated alloy steel and feature strategically placed carbide to help punch through the toughest conditions while reducing wear and enhancing tool life between rebuilds. The boltless modular design square-drive spline is the toughest tooling connection in the industry. This modular design makes it simple to change out drill heads and can be easily adapted to use standard flat or blade bits. Teeth are positioned for high production and reduced machine vibration. Multiple cutting tooth styles can be configured for different types of rock. The boltless modular design of the square drive spline allows for interchangeable bits. 800.331.6653,

Ditch Witch
Ditch Witch bits are optimized not only for the soils they work in but also for the drills that drive them. Ditch Witch bits are tested in real work conditions and engineered to outperform and outlast any competitor’s bit. And they’re manufactured with the optimal amount and placement of carbide to maximize performance and value. The Glacier Bit’s streamlined design, small nose and steep, large steering surface enable better pushing and steering in hard formations. Strategically placed carbides prolong the life of this bit and protect the leading edge of the housing. Will push smaller rocks aside or bore through larger rocks. 580.336.4402,

Drillhead Directional

QuiKone’s patented design maximizes down the hole time with fewer tripouts. Aggressive tungsten carbide buttons help increase the cutting rate. The patented extra heavy duty cast carbide wear system on the QuiKone reduces friction and increases stability. Options include 2 2/8- or 2 7/8-inch API regular pin; an 8-inch long body or 6-inch short body; and a choice of TCI or mill tooth cone. QuiKone rock bits can be custom built to your specifications, using API/IF box or pin connections. All single cone bits can be completely rebuilt, saving you money. 541.430.2765,

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