January 2011 Vol. 66 No. 1

New Products

Akkerman 1548 All Electric Haul Unit For Large Capacity Spoil Removal

Akkerman Inc. recently unveiled the 1548 Haul Unit featuring enhanced operator safety and comfort combined with improved productivity for spoil removal starting with Akkerman’s 600 TBM up to their BS 1440 excavator shield.

The improved 1548 Haul Unit functions with a 15 horsepower electric drive. The electric drive employs progressive technology for greater efficiency and minimized maintenance. The unit boasts consistent low-end torque with an extended range of speed resulting in shortened turnaround times, even with heavy spoil loads and moderate grades. The regenerative motor braking feature recaptures traditionally lost energy, thus increasing battery life. An inching component provides precise operator control for accurate conveyor alignment.

Numerous comfort and safety features have been incorporated into the 1548 Haul Unit. The enclosed operator platform provides personal protection during movement. The control center and direction speed control lever is amply visible and ergonomic. The centrally located battery gauge hour-meter, clearly displays the battery charge level. The removable main power switch prevents accidental powering-on during nonuse. The 1548 Haul Unit features independent hydraulic service and mechanical parking brakes. The fail-safe braking attribute will safely bring the unit to a stop upon release of the direction speed, control lever. Flashing blue beacons, head and taillights illuminate the tunnel during entrance and exit along with a warning horn for additional movement notification.

The 1548 Haul Unit conveniently adjusts from 20- to 24-inches gage track with the addition of a bolt-on track kit. It accommodates the full range of Akkerman dirt buckets, including extended sizes as well as all Akkerman battery packs. 507.567.2261, www.akkerman.com

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