Los Angeles sewer fees set to surge over next four years due to infrastructure overhaul

(UI) — Los Angeles residents may soon find their sewer bills skyrocketing, with projections indicating a potential doubling of costs over the next four years, KABC reported.

The driving force behind this hike is the urgent need to address the city's aging sewer infrastructure, according to Barbara Romero, Director and General Manager of L.A. Sanitation.

The proposed plan, recently greenlit by the City Council, outlines a significant increase in sewage charges. For the average household, this means a substantial rise from $75 per billing period to $92 starting this October, escalating further to $155 by July 2028.

"We're talking about six increases in a course of three years," City Councilman Kevin Deleon told KABC. "We're talking about three increases, three increases thereafter on an annual basis total of nine increases."

The implications of these adjustments extend beyond individual households. Apartment complexes could potentially face bills exceeding $1,700.

"They're having to make tough sacrifices to cut back on their costs, and many of them are looking at selling their properties and of course, once they do, we're going to lose what is historically the sole providers of affordable housing in the City of Los Angeles," Dan Yukelson, Executive Director of the Apartment Association of Greater Los Angeles, told KABC.

While the proposal was passed, it faced opposition from four City Council members, including Councilwoman Monica Rodriguez. She expressed concerns about the rushed nature of the decision and criticized the assumption that the council would simply approve it without thorough consideration.

This hike is categorized as a user fee, and property owners will be formally notified. However, there is a provision for objections to be raised following the notification process.

Top of FormThis story was originally published by KABC.

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