Zayo Group upgrades critical fiber broadband infrastructure across the country

(UI) – Zayo Group announced its latest round of critical infrastructure upgrades, including its newest long-haul dark fiber route connecting Columbus to Pittsburgh and a highly sought-after 400G-enabled wavelength route connecting Washington, D.C. and Atlanta.

Zayo's North American 400G Capabilities (Graphic: Business Wire)

“While technology innovations like AI and next-gen cloud surge ahead, continued investment in network infrastructure to support this demand is critical. As the largest independent network, Zayo is in a prime position to bring network infrastructure up to par with today’s innovation, and ensure we and our customers are ready for what’s next,” said Bill Long, Chief Product & Strategy Officer at Zayo.

“Our latest infrastructure expansions demonstrate our continuous efforts to provide our customers with unique, diverse, low-latency routes — where they need it today and where we know they'll need it tomorrow.”

What’s new:

Zayo has acquired a new unique, physically diverse, and ultra-low-latency route between D.C. and Atlanta, providing the most direct connectivity between the two major markets and key economic hubs.

With low latency and complete route diversity from other heavily trafficked routes between the markets, the new route from Zayo creates diversity not available anywhere else. The route also connects with Zayo’s unique financial routes and southern rail routes, enabling North-to-South and coast-to-coast connectivity and resiliency.

Zayo has also added four additional routes to its 400G network—currently the largest 400G network in North America—in key markets including:

  • Indianapolis to Columbus
  • Cut Bank, Mont. to Calgary
  • New Orleans to Ponchatoula, La.
  • Grand Rapids, Mich. to Lansing, Mich.

Why it Matters: As data-intensive next-generation technologies continue to grow, so does the need for bandwidth. The deployment of 400G is essential for delivering a network that is future-ready to handle this growth. With the expansion of its 400G network, Zayo is focused on delivering modernized capabilities and access to carrier-diverse routes that allow customers to innovate with the low latency, high availability, disaster resiliency, and performance they need.

Long-Haul diversity and scalability

Zayo has built a fully unique long-haul dark fiber route connecting Columbus to Pittsburgh. The route is carrier-diverse, 100% underground, and built with a high fiber count for maximum scalability and uptime availability.

Why it Matters: As growing economic hubs, Pittsburgh and Columbus house critical industries like tech, government, and an emerging data center community that require route diversity and low latency to maintain the critical aspects of their business. Zayo’s new route provides the most modern and robust long-haul infrastructure to support the current connectivity needs and ensure they’re able to scale as these markets continue to grow.


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