March 2024 Vol. 79 No. 3


First look: Vermeer introduces RTX1250 trencher

By Jeff Griffin, Senior Editor

Vermeer introduced an improved version of the RTX1250 127-horsepower ride-on trencher tractor that accepts multiple attachments.

This updated model has received significant improvements, including enhancements to the tracks, axles and plow retention pins, to optimize productivity in challenging working conditions, said Nick Olsen, Vermeer product manager.

With interchangeable attachments, it can be a trencher, rock wheel or vibratory plow. The Vermeer RTX1250 is a reliable and powerful ride-on tractor designed for efficient installation of utilities such as gas, fiber, water and electric.

The new model has also been updated to optimize its performance. “The RTX1250 is equipped with onboard technology aimed at boosting productivity,” said Olsen. “The state-of-the-art TrenchSense electronic control system actively monitors engine rpm during trenching operations, promoting smooth operation and averting engine stall.”

“TrenchSense optimizes fuel efficiency and reduces environmental impact; the RTX1250 integrates the EcoIdle engine control system. This smart system automatically lowers the engine's speed to an idle if the tractor is inactive for 30 seconds.”

Tires or tracks 

The RTX1250 can be equipped with either rubber tires or tracks. An optional climate-controlled cab is also available.

In addition, Olsen said, the RTX1250's Productivity Zone feature can identify the optimal operating range and ground speed for the rear attachment in use, thereby optimizing machine production. By simply flipping a switch, the Auto Plunge technology watches over the engine rpm and decreases the plunge rate for a trencher or rock wheel attachment to keep the rpm from dropping too low.

“The Vermeer RTX1250,” he explained, “comes with interchangeable attachments that can be changed in under an hour. For the front of the machine, contractors have the options of a backhoe, backfill blade or reel carrier attachment, while on the back end, options include a vibratory plow, rock wheel, sliding offset rock wheel, sliding offset trencher or a trencher.”

Swapping out attachments on the RTX1250 is simple, with Vermeer i2 interchangeable attachments that easily can be changed in 60 minutes or less. The tractor automatically adjusts control parameters to help streamline operations and boost efficiency on the job.

Once an attachment has been changed, the RTX1250 Productivity Zone feature identifies the ideal operating range and ground speed for the rear attachment in use, optimizing overall machine production.

Vibratory plow 

Olsen said many countries, including the United States, are allocating resources to provide high-speed internet access in rural areas, so adding a vibratory plow is an effective method for achieving this over long distances.

“For installing fiber,” he said, “many contractors will configure the RTX1250 with a vibratory plow and reel carrier. In the configuration, the reel carrier attachment is capable of carrying up to 5,000 pounds."

The RTX1250's new rock wheel auto stabilizer allows the operator to maintain constant pressure to maximize the rock wheel's cutting performance.

Olsen commented that various terrains and ground conditions, such as a mix of dirt, clay and rock, can pose challenges. The robust RTX1250 is designed to be reliable and productive across different environments.

“With interchangeable attachments,” he said, “a contractor can switch from a vibratory plow, for softer soils, to a rock wheel for rocky terrain. The RTX1250 is versatile and adaptable to the specific needs of each project.”

The updated RTX1250 is available now through the Vermeer dealers’ network. It is Vermeer Fleet-Ready, so owners can stay in sync using Vermeer telematics.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Vermeer Corporation, (888) 837-6337,

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