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Tackle turnover with training

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No matter the industry or job, one thing remains certain when a person begins a new job: they will receive training. Training can be a simple as company policies and as in depth as operating equipment necessary to complete the job.

“Training is the most important piece of the new hire process. You want your new employees to understand what is required of them to complete their job successfully,” said Jeff Urbanski, Sr. Manager of Marketing and Training for HammerHead Trenchless.

Urbanski also discussed how training in the plumbing and construction industry is imperative to create a safe working environment. “When employees are working with chemicals and heavy machinery most managers require their employees to be trained before even setting foot on a jobsite,” he said.

Training employees before they are on a live job site can lower risk for the new employee and other employees on site. According to, approximately 38% of employees quit within their first year. This can create an expensive new hire training cycle. “Training new employees can take months, and if that employee leaves you are starting over, which can be costly and lead to an overworked team,” Urbanski said.

There is no one-size-fits-all training method in any industry. “We have created three ways to train, each designed to maximize efficiency for your team,” said Sarah Newman, Sr. Instructional Designer at HammerHead Trenchless.

HammerHead Trenchless provides in-field, online or on-campus training for customers who use HammerHead and Picote products in the field. “Each method has a way for customers to receive industry-leading training on their time, and their budget,” Urbanski said.

“Coming to the university or having a trainer onsite is a paid service, but it gets employees in the field,” said Joe Walsh, Application Specialist at HammerHead Trenchless. “HHU Online provides a third option for continuing education that is cost effective,” he added.

HammerHead University Online is free for all customers and can be accessed anywhere on a computer, tablet, or phone. It is a resource to get new employees up to speed on the equipment and technology they will be using more quickly, and it makes continuing education available when and where you need it.

In-person field training has HammerHead technical experts visit customers and practice in their shop and on their live job sites. HammerHead University campus is in Lake Mills, WI at the HammerHead factory and is a 5,000 sq. ft. facility created to simulate the job site.

A team can also have more success on the job site if the training they received provided certification. “Certification is how experts verify that your performance meets or exceeds specific standards,” said Newman.

HammerHead Trenchless provides trainees with certifications or certificates of training. “Certificate of training is a non-renewable certificate that states you attended a HammerHead training event, while certification can be renewed annually and states that you passed a standardized assessment on the installation,” Newman said.

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