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Learn how to never wait on concrete again

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Learn how to never wait on concrete again

We know you never want to wait on ready mix again. One way to achieve this is by using the world’s best-selling volumetric technology. 

  • Utility Contractors are constantly waiting on ready mix and are at the mercy of their schedule.
  • By using volumetric mixers, contractors can handle a range of projects that use concrete, from utility line covers to pouring an intake wall.
  • When you are not waiting for concrete that means you are finishing projects faster

Volumetric concrete mixers offer versatility and value

Volumetric technology is a game-changer for contractors, giving them complete control over producing concrete whenever, wherever, and in whatever quantity they need it.

Cemen Tech’s C60 volumetric concrete mixer measures, mixes, and dispenses a precise amount of concrete from a single unit. Sand, stone, cement powder, water, and additives are each kept in their own bin on the mixer, ready to be mixed at the job site—unlike traditional mixing methods which blend all materials at one time before leaving the plant.

Volumetric concrete mixers allow you to change mix designs on the spot, which means concrete can be produced for multiple projects and different job sites in a single day, all using the same unit. With the Cemen Tech C60, you can store hundreds of calibrations and mix designs, so the operator can quickly and easily move from one project to the next using the state-of-the-art electronic control panel.

The Cemen Tech C60 also comes equipped with ACCU-POUR™, a suite of productivity tools that leverage smart technology connecting the job site and office. Contractors can schedule jobs, assign projects, and send orders wirelessly to the operator’s tablet in the mixer.

Combined, these tools help contractors expand their business and improve profits by increasing efficiency and lowering costs. By producing concrete on-demand, contractors avoid added costs and loss in productivity caused by short loads, overages, hot loads, delays, and downtime, all common pitfalls of barrel trucks.

Mix on-site and on-demand

With a volumetric concrete mixer, all materials (sand and stone to cement power and water), continually blend on demand. The mixer starts and stops as needed while the aggregates stay separate in their respective compartments.

Volumetric concrete technology focuses on batching based on volume rather than weight. All material is calibrated by weight and delivered to the mix auger by volume. This method produces a proportional accuracy of plus or minus two percent.

The Cemen Tech C60 volumetric mixer has a one-touch control system that lets you select the mix design you need, and the system adjusts to the correct mix. Automated high and low flow admix tanks with digital flow meters ensure the exact amount of admixture is used every time. A hydraulic cement bin allows the operator to easily switch between concrete mixers and flowable fill applications.

Control scheduling, drive growth

To control scheduling, driving business growth along with supply and demand issues led Boswell Concrete in Kansas City, Missouri, to find a new way to deliver concrete, including for smaller residential and commercial projects that traditional ready-mix trucks can’t fit into the schedule. “Demand for concrete is so high, we were sometimes waiting two to three days to get on the schedule, with the risk of the delivery being cancelled,” said General Manager Jimmy Leath. “We wanted to control our own schedule and get concrete when, where and how we needed it.”

Learn more about how volumetric technology can help your business today; contact us at 800-247-2464 or

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