August 2022 Vol. 77 No. 8

Rehab Technology

Rehab Spotlight: Lateral Reinstatement

Apex CIPP Solutions, (855) 997-0524 

DC Super Flex is the ultimate reinstatement cutter. It offers extreme flexibility in 3- to 6-inch pipes with the ability to make several consecutive 90-degree turns while maintaining precise control.

Dancutter’s 360-degree rotating head is ideal for cutting, milling and grinding pipes and liners, regardless of material or whether the pipe is straight or has bends. The cutter can be operated by just one person who easily sets up, does the work, and quickly moves on to the next task, keeping your job running smoothly. 

Also, now available for Dancutter are VR Goggles and a Robotic Grabber attachment. 

Avanti, (800) 877-2570 

Leaking service laterals and lateral connections are a source of significant groundwater infiltration into our collection systems – as much as 60 percent or more of overflow, according to the EPA.

Injection grouts such as Avanti’s AV-100 Chemical Grout are a cost-effective, long-term solution to eliminating infiltration in structurally sound laterals and lateral connections. 

Using remote packer equipment that extends up the lateral, AV-100 is forced under pressure through defects into the surrounding soil, forming a grout/soil matrix that is impermeable to infiltration. 

After CIPP lining, injection grouts are often used to stop infiltration that occurs at the lateral reinstatement point. 

CUES, (800) 327-7791 

CUES LAMP II (Lateral and Mainline Probe II) is an inspection tool that protects buried assets and the surrounding environment, by identifying infiltration and inflow, potential cross-bores, pipe defects, and structural conditions in lateral services and mainlines.

The self-propelled, robust LAMP is designed to perform pan-and-tilt inspections of mainline sewer pipes, with simultaneous viewing of the adjacent lateral services. It can inspect with or against the flow, for increased production and reduced set-ups. 

An integrated wireless controller is available to operate all launcher, platform, camera, and reel operations from the front, rear, or within 50 feet line of sight. 

HammerHead Trenchless, (800) 331-6653 

HydraSlitter kits are designed to help industry professionals meet the 10-year U.S. goal of replacing all lead pipe service laterals.

The system provides a minimally invasive, low-cost, safe, quick, and reliable alternative to open-cut replacement of lead potable water pipe 0.5 to 1.0 inches in diameter. 

Select from two full-system HydraSlitter kits available online. Once ordered, the kit arrives within a few days containing all tooling and accessories the contractor needs for that specific job. Contents include the appropriate slitter, blades, expanders, cable, duct-rodder, and cable grip for the excavator, as well as a tooling assembly selection chart and instructions. 

MaxLiner USA 

(877) 426-5948, 

MaxLight, an LED UV-cure unit and non-styrenated resin system, optimizes CIPP operations by dramatically increasing work efficiency. Curing does not begin until resin is exposed to the finely calibrated UV light, allowing pre-impregnated liner assembly at the shop or onsite, and eliminating pot life concerns, to enable several installations in a single day.

Choose from an array of liners and CalTubes, specific to existing pipe conditions and configurations. 

Single-component resins, uniquely formulated for UV-light curing, offer: no mixing, no styrene, ultra-low odor, no waste, superior mechanical properties, rapid cure times, excellent wet-out capability and compliance with all applicable ASTM standards. 

Pipeline Renewal Technologies, (866) 215-1302 

The Micro S Light+ small-diameter cutter is ideal for both horizontal and vertical work in pipe 3- to 9-inch diameter. It has excellent flexibility, navigating smoothly through elbows in lined 4-inch pipe.

Joystick control offers three axes of motion: 400-degree rotation, 90-degree swivel and 4-inch axial feed. A self-cleaning camera provides operators with live footage via a 10-inch touch screen. The sealed head is pressurized with nitrogen and carries an IP54 rating, accepts various cutting bits, and detaches for easy transport. 

The compact system travels on a wheeled cart that weighs a total of 104 pounds. 

TT Technologies, (678) 823-7777 

TT Technologies’ Grundotugger lateral pipe-bursting system bursts and replaces service laterals up to 150 feet–quickly and easily, without costly restoration or social disruption. The Grundotugger can negotiate turns and bends up to 45 degrees and allows users to fuse pipe while bursting.


With no component over 75 pounds, the lightweight Grundotugger comes with everything needed for bursting operations, including bursting heads for 4- to 6-inch laterals, upsize or size-for-size, winch cable unit and a power pack, and pipe fusion equipment. 

An exclusive mini excavator mounting option is also available.

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