April 2022 Vol. 77 No. 4


Annual UCT ShowStopper Awards Feature Innovative Exhibits

Jeff Griffin| Senior Editor 

Exhibitors at trade shows compete with hundreds of other exhibitors to capture attendees’ interest in their booths and the specific products and services being promoted. 

Therefore, exhibit design is an important element in the level of success exhibitors achieve at any trade show. Exhibits need to be attractive and attention-getting to catch the eyes of attendees and get them to stop by for a visit. 

That’s why the UCT ShowStopper Awards competition focuses on exhibits, rather than just the products or services presented. ShowStopper judges (each a veteran of the industry with many years of service) this year, again, considered the visual impact of exhibits and the effectiveness of the displays they contained. Did they have a show-stopping appearance to bring people inside the exhibit? 

Judges in 2022 selected three ShowStopper winners: Emagineered Solutions, Underground Magnetics and Reline America. 

Emagineered Solutions 

The focus point of this exhibit was The SHOOTER, a CIPP liner inversion machine.


“We had a 10-foot booth location near the entrance to the Rehab Zone, a great space with excellent traffic,” said Ray Irvine, vice president and manager of The SHOOTER development. “The booth was consistently busy. 

“We used a flat screen TV showing our SHOOTER in action over a manhole. Two SHOOTERs and a few accessories were in the booth, along with a literature rack and a stand with an iPad Pro for a slideshow of still photos and video. 

“We also wanted a booth that would reflect that, plus our move from a simple accordion style booth with Velcro panels to a better one with a design reflecting our commitment to quality and rugged workmanship.” 

Irvin said the video captured the attention of almost everyone walking by, and many were amazed at how fast and smoothly the liner goes into the host pipe while using the system. “The video does a good job illustrating what we do, and it is simple, shot with an iPhone,” Irvin explained. 

“The iPad provided a second visual display that I use to easily select specific images when discussing product features and some of our accessories or action shots or job-site equipment layout.” 

For more information, go to emagineered.com. 

Underground Magnetics 

Also exhibiting with a 10-foot corner booth, Underground Magnetics used the space primarily to promote its new Mag 9 HDD locating system. Photos placed on the back wall illustrated the products. 

“UCT was a big success for Underground Magnetics this year with the introduction of the New Mag 9 HDD locating system,” said Mike Young, president. 

“The traffic at the show was fantastic, and we found that attendees really appreciated the features of the Mag 9 system. The new system offers a larger color touch screen, onboard data logging and the most powerful downhole transmitters on the market.” 

Underground Magnetics offers a simple, powerful and affordable system direct to end-users with free financing. More information is available at umaghdd.com. 

Reline America 

A 20-foot booth was used by Reline America. 

“The centerpiece of the Reline America booth was a 72-inch diameter segment of cured Alphaliner,” said Ryan Klachko, senior business development manager. “A video looping the installation process, smaller liner samples, product literature and informational banners were used to communicate the value of using UV GRP technology and Alphaliner to efficiently rehabilitate pipe ranging from 6 to 72 inches.” 

Klachko said many visitors were attracted to the exhibit by the video, which was an effective way to explain the installation process. It also triggered thoughtful questions for exhibit staff to answer. For more information, go to www.relineamerica.com. • 

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