March 2021 Vol. 76 No. 3



Heath Consultants, (713) 844-1300 

Heath Consultants Sure-Lock All Pro is a simple, two-button underground locator with integrated receiver and transmitter.  
This allows you to configure the optimal frequency to locate all underground utilities quickly and reliably. 

The continuous depth reading is constantly displayed on the receiver as you near the target conductor. Frequencies range from 8.1K to 480 kHz, which are optimal for audio, radio and ultra-high frequency targets such as cable and insulated pipe. 




RIDGID, (800) 474-3443 

RIDGID’s SeekTech SR-24 is a precision utility locating receiver with integrated GPS and Bluetooth technology that traces any frequency from 10 Hz to 35 kHz. Its omnidirectional antennas capture the complete signal field, making it easy to acquire and trace its path. 

The receiver maps the utility’s position and direction on its display for an intuitive locating experience. Audio and visual warnings notify the operator if the shape of the signal field is being distorted, so action can be taken to avoid mismarking the utility’s position. 

A SeekTech 18V adapter enables use with a RIDGID Professional 18 V battery. 


Utiliscope, (877) 936-8338 

The UTILIVAC system has revolutionized the utility industry, increasing productivity and lowering costs. Its lightweight portability allows crews to complete projects in the tightest of locations, without sacrificing any power. 

It’s also reliable and low maintenance, with no moving parts, filters or rust to combat. As the UTILIVAC system uses air to excavate, spoils stay loose and dry for easy backfilling, eliminating the need to bring dry fill or haul mud off for disposal. 

Additionally, the UTILIVAC is a fraction of the cost of a vacuum truck – you can own 10 UTILIVAC systems for the cost of one truck. 


Subsite Electronics, (800) 846-2713 

Subsite Electronics’ UtiliGuard 2 is a multi-frequency utility locator that is available in standard and advanced models. It takes all the proven performance-boosting features of the original UtiliGuard and adds several important new capabilities, including an all-new user interface, integrated data capture, and GPS positioning. 

The UtiliGuard 2 interface was designed with industry specialists and trainers to feature simplified graphics that are easier and faster to interpret. Operators will notice an obvious change in screen layout when directly over a utility locate, providing positive confirmation. 

For more information, visit the Subsite website or contact your local Ditch Witch dealer. 


Vermeer, (641) 628-3141 

The Vermeer Verifier G3 utility locator combines trusted precision with a user-friendly interface. Features include a combination peak and null screen, semi-automatic and manual gain adjustment, automatic depth and current measurement index and compass icon. 

Users new to the locating profession will appreciate the streamlined design and simple interface. Experienced operators have the option to capitalize on some of the industry’s most advanced locating technology — all in one device. 


Vivax/Metrotech, (800) 446-3392 

Vivax-Metrotech Corporation’s vLoc3 series introduces new, innovative tools for locating buried utilities, assuring damage prevention while gathering information for analysis. 

User configurable, vLoc3 series contains eight, passive locate modes; fault-find mode; SD (showing the direction of outgoing current); and a range of frequencies, from 16Hz to 200 kHz. Audio and mechanical vibration alerts can also be configured by the user. 

Its locator range includes the RTK-Pro locator with GNSS accuracy, ML EMS Marker Locator and DM3 Pipeline Defect Mapper.

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