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Vortex Companies Continues Long-Term Branding, Integration Strategy

The Vortex Companies launched its new website, featuring an upgraded, streamlined design and better user experience for customers seeking information about its growing trenchless infrastructure services and trenchless rehabilitation products.

Intended to be a comprehensive resource for municipal, industrial, commercial facility asset owners, and installation contractors performing trenchless infrastructure work, the website will also be updated regularly with blog posts, news, and industry event listings.

“As a leader in the trenchless technology industry, we felt it was very important that our new website be not only informative, but educational as well,” commented Kit Jones, vice president of Brand & Marketing Communications. “We’re excited to debut the site and show the industry how Vortex has grown and expanded; especially in our products division that now boasts a much more robust line-up of construction repair materials, leak stop products, CIPP resins and specialty industrial coatings.”

In related news, The Ted Berry Company, which Vortex Companies acquired in February 2019, has officially changed its name to Vortex Services. Located in Livermore, Maine, Ted Berry has been providing industrial and municipal trenchless infrastructure solutions throughout the northeast since 1972.

“Ted Berry’s name and reputation have always been second-to-none, which makes it harder to make a name change like this,” said Mike Vellano, CEO of the Vortex Companies. “However, as we’ve integrated our business operating systems and blended our cultures over the last 12 months, we believe the transition is complete and the time is right.”

Customers will begin seeing the Vortex Services logo on everything from building signs and billing statements to company vehicles and equipment
on the job site.

“Our name may have changed, however, our commitment and dedication to satisfying our customers’ needs will always be the same,” said Matt Timberlake, vice president of Corporate Development. “For us to continue to succeed, we all have to be unified and understand that we are a much stronger company by working together and winning together.” •


The Vortex Companies, (855) 949-3444,


Same, Proven Avanti Chemical Grout, New Ease-of-Use Packaging

Avanti International added 30-pound bags of AV-100 Chemical Grout to its growing portfolio of injection grouts used in geotechnical, industrial and municipal applications to stop leaks, stabilize soil and rock, and control groundwater – permanently. Since its introduction around 1980, the granular form of AV-100 has been available exclusively in 50-lb. bags. However, as the need for higher-strength mix concentrations evolves, so have its packaging options for ease of use.

AV-100 is an ultra-low viscosity, chemically reactive gel that can travel anywhere water can travel, and cures to create an effective, long-lasting water barrier, while providing superb soil stabilization. It is designed to stabilize soils and stop water infiltration in manholes, mainlines, laterals, tunnels, mines and other underground structures.

Historically, one 50-pound bag of granular AV-100 Chemical Grout will yield a 60-gallon (227.1 liters) mixed batch of injectable grout with a consistent 10-percent concentration. This mix ratio has been tried and true for decades. However, the industry has started to adopt a stronger, 12-percent grout concentration standard.

By changing the concentration, standard weights of all mix components – acrylamide grout, Catalyst T+, Catalyst AP or SP, and water – change. To ensure 12-percent concentration, it takes careful product recalculations and additional time to change the mix. Diverting from the standard opens room for error.

For the benefit of knowing the exact mix every time, Avanti now offers AV-100 Chemical Grout in 30-pound bags. Using two 30-pound bags in a 60-gallon batch – versus of one 50-pound bag – gives a 12-percent grout concentration without having to recalculate mix components. This saves time and money while removing the guesswork from the equation (See Table 1). For step-by-step mix instructions, visit Mix proportions are also available for batch sizes larger than 60-gallons.

“Weight is important when using AV-100 Acrylamide Chemical Grout – from both a safety and mix-component aspect,” said Britt N. Babcock, P.E., president of Avanti. “For over 40 years, proven weight measurements have been utilized to allow technicians to handle and mix AV-100 bags safely and successfully.

“Using decreased weight of any of the mix materials can change the outcome of your gel significantly, thus weakening or diminishing its longevity and strength. Pre-packaging AV-100 in 30-pound bags ultimately maintains the technician’s safety when lifting, and saves contractors time, money and headaches on the job by taking the guesswork out of the scenario.”

Avanti International is a leading producer and provider of injection grouts for municipal, industrial and geotechnical applications. The company’s products are used worldwide in applications to stop water infiltration, stabilize soil and rock, and control groundwater. As it has when it was founded, Avanti continues to research, develop and perfect new injection grouting solutions for the industries we serve. •


Avanti International, (800) 877-2570,


Vacall’s Combo Sewer Cleaners Deliver Superior Power with Single Engine

Vacall’s new AllJetVac P Series combination sewer cleaners use a positive displacement blower system to create superior, reliable jetting and vacuum forces, while efficiently opening and maintaining critical lines.

Reflecting the Vacall “Green that Works” design philosophy, AllJetVac models have a blower system that is powered by the chassis engine, unlike other sewer cleaners that require two engines. This reduces fuel consumption, slashes service time and eliminates extra harmful emissions, while also holding down the overall cost of the machine.

For added efficiency, the AllSmartFlow CAN bus control system is standard, allowing operators to manage vacuum forces, as well as water flow, using only the proper quantity of water and thereby reducing unnecessary refill trips.

Vacall sustainability advantages include standard aluminum water tanks and optional galvanized debris tanks – both with lifetime warranties. P Series models have a front-mounted, pivoting hose reel and an 8-foot 6-inch extending boom with 180-degree rotation.

Also available are R Series models with a rear-mounted hose and reel system, accommodating some operators’ preference to move the reel away from the heat and noise of the engine.

A Recycler option for the P Series filters and recycles water used for jetting, reducing both consumption of processed water and time spent for refills. For greater productivity when dumping debris into roll-off containers, a high-dump option raises the tank 16 inches above ground level and tilts it while shifting the tank back 21 inches, avoiding spillage.

To further customize the models for specific applications and preferences, contractors and municipalities can choose decant valves, cold-water recirculation system, backup hose reel hydraulics, and multiple blower and water pump choices, including a proprietary 85 pgm/2000psi water pump with 30-minute run-dry guarantee. Available debris tank capacities are 6-, 8-, 10- and 12-cubic yards; water tank capacities include 1,000, 1,200 and 1,500 gallons.

Wholly owned by the Alamo Group, Vacall products are designed, built and supported
by Gradall Industries, Inc., with processes that meet ISVacall products.


Vacall, (800) 382-8302,

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