May 2015, Vol. 70, No.5

Equipment Spotlight

Rehab Focus: Manhole/Pipe Coatings

Manhole/pipe coatings by The Strong Co., Standard Cement Materials, SpectraShield, Sauereisen, Raven Lining Systems, AP/M Permaform, Warren Environmental, SewperCoat Kerneos, Infrastructure Repair Systems and Parson Environmental Products.

The Strong Co.
The Strong Company, Inc. of Pine Bluff, Arkansas has introduced Strong-Seal Storm Seal. Strong-Seal Storm Seal is a specially formulated, fiber reinforced, cementitious mixture designed for lining the interior of corrugated metal pipes, culverts, concrete pipes, catch basins and other storm water structures. The product is centrifugally cast using the Strong-Seal System Mixer, Pump and Spinner, which is electronically controlled for consistent product and thickness of application. It may also be sprayed manually. 800.982.8009,

Standard Cement Materials
Standard Cement Materials used their Reliner MSP Cement pavement in 48-inch Stormwater CMP pipe inverts in Stillwater, OK, that were causing a dangerous threat to public [private] property and persons living in the neighborhood. The specialized, non-destructive repair method reinstated five separate and triple barrel drainage systems in less than seven days.

SpectraShield is a patented, systematic layering of polymer resins designed to rehabilitate and protect wastewater structures such as manholes, wet wells or wastewater treatment plant facilities. A typical seven-foot deep manhole can be completed in approximately one hour. SpectraShield has a 10-year warranty. 904.268.4591,

Sauereisen produces sealants, corrosion barriers and substrate repair materials for the protection and restoration of wastewater infrastructure. Our expertise with brick and concrete manholes includes resistance to acidic environments and prevention of water inflow and infiltration. Sauereisen products accommodate both rehab and preventive maintenance. 412.963.033,

Raven Lining Systems
Raven Lining Systems has been an industry leader in the water, wastewater and manhole rehabilitation industry for nearly three decades. The engineered solutions Raven offers for corrosion, erosion and I&I have proven to stand the test of time by providing superior quality, reliability and a network of certified applicators. Raven 405 provides superior adhesion and corrosion protection and is an eco-friendly, 100 percent solids coating with zero VOCs. 800.324.2810,

AP/M Permaform
AP/M Permaform offers engineered solutions for the repair or replacement of badly deteriorated manholes, pipe and similar underground structures without excavating with our CentriPipe and Permaform systems. Cities, engineers and contractors have trusted our solutions for over 30 years. 800.662.6465,

Warren Environmental
Warren Environmental’s high build single coat system is comprised of 100 percent solids epoxy that is applied utilizing patented, solvent free application equipment. The system has superior corrosion resistance and adhesion to damp surfaces, while providing a great increase in the structural value of the manhole. 508.947.8539,

SewperCoat Kerneos
SewperCoat is the ultimate mineral solution for the municipal wastewater industry to provide structural, corrosion-resistant protection against biogenic corrosion relative to hydrogen sulfide (H2S) found in wastewater environments. SewperCoat is the original 100 percent calcium aluminate backed with a no-nonsense 10-year labor and materials replacement warranty.

Infrastructure Repair Systems
Infrastructure Repair Systems Concrete and Manhole Rehab System comes in two trowel on applications. Chim-Coat is a scientifically formulated flexible epoxy that will expand and contract with changing temperatures. Infragard Top Coat is an epoxy topcoat for any concrete or brick surface can be applied onto damp or dry surfaces. Both products will seal and stop infiltration or ex-filtration. 877.327.4216,

Parson Environmental Products
Eliminate the growth of bacteria that causes Microbial Induced Corrosion (MIC) to manholes and similar structures with ConBlock MIC. This is a liquid additive for Parson MH Liner and CA Liner 100 that is very effective against mold, fungi, algae and damaging bacteria. When added to the mix, the antimicrobial polymer that is formed keeps the surface free of excess bacteria and mold buildup. This treatment cures into a cross-linked polymer, bonding with the aggregate and cement to impact durable protection without migrating out of the concrete. 800.365.9023,

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