May 2015, Vol. 70, No.5

Equipment Spotlight

Equipment Spotlight: Auger Boring

Auger boring equipment by McLaughlin, American Augers, The Robbins Company, Bor-It Mfg., Akkerman and Barbco.

The McLaughlin McL-36/42C auger boring machine (12 inch to 42 inch) is equipped to handle the toughest jobs with power-train construction and a heavy gear box and OPC hydraulic clutch for increased speed and safety. Pistol-grip control is designed for convenient operation of OPC hydraulic clutch, auger rotation and machine thrust. Guard protects controls from accidental engagement. Three hydraulic rams with extended stroke and 400,000 thrust work to increase drilling time and crew productivity. The exclusive gear box cooling system features larger differential planetary gear box and forced air cooling system that extends the gear box life. 800.435.9340,

American Augers
American Augers introduced the new Roller Cone Head for Auger Boring in 2014. This useful accessory is outstanding in hard rock formations! Made especially for ground conditions 8,000 psi – 50,000 psi, the roller cone head is available in 3- or 4-inch hex with or without pilot. 419.869.7107,

The Robbins Company
Designed to work with Robbins SBUs, Robbins Heavy Duty Auger Boring Machines can take on the some of the toughest bores. Several sizes of ABMs are readily available in any bore diameter with standard English (inch) or metric (mm) casing sizes. If it is not in the company’s inventory, they will custom make the machine for your project. The majority of the crossings are 80 feet to 225 feet long; however some drives have been over 600 feet in length. The length of the drive depends on the ground conditions. The machine can excavate sand, gravel, clay and rock of any type. With the Robbins Small Boring Unit, the ABM can excavate rock faster in small diameter drives than any other method available. 440.248.3303,

Bor-It Mfg.
The Model 42 Thruster Buster horizontal earth boring machine with 97-hp Deutz diesel is packaged to provide extra power for the extra-rugged boring applications 12 to 42 inches in diameter. The Model 42 includes automatic push bar and winch with optional equipment such as extra track, heads, augers, all size hexes and casing attachments. Bor-It manufactures 10 models of machines from 12 through 72 inches. 800.289.6639,

The Akkerman Guided Boring Machine (GBM) system offers customers extended and accurate drive lengths in various ground conditions for 4- to 48-inch OD pipe installations. The GBM provides the spoil removal process of the auger boring machine and the same level of accuracy as traditional microtunneling—all in one compact, multifaceted system. The pipe installation involves a multi-step process where launch and reception shafts are strategically located to minimize surface disruption. Several robust jacking frame configurations are available to meet contractor’s needs. The digital guidance system provides line and grade accuracy up to 487 feet and more. An extensive line-up of Akkerman GBM ancillary equipment provides contractors with the versatility they need for a wide range of soil conditions, pipe diameters and project applications. 800.533.0386,

Barbco’s smaller Auger Boring Machines are light weight but equipped with robust drive lines to tackle the tougher side of the smaller work range. The 24-150 produces a maximum of 28,866 foot/pounds of torque while maintaining a maximum thrust of 157,000 pounds Available options include Lift Kits, Vandalism Shields and a Wireless Remote Control for safe operation from outside the pit. 800.448.8934,

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