January 2015, Vol. 70, No. 1

New Products

Construct Continuous Fiberglass Pipe On-Site, With No Joints

WNR Systems has developed a machine that uses the latest technology in fiberglass to construct a joint free, continuous pipe, directly on the job site. The machine can deliver any length or wall thickness cured and ready for use in less than two minutes.

The pipe will have a glass-like smoothness internally, resulting in less surface-friction and a reduction in hydraulic power and pump sizing. In addition, shut-off stations, inspection openings, and T-sections and bends may be introduced at any stage of production.

The system can be engineered for oil and gas pipelines to withstand any required pressure and temperature. WNR also has the advantage of working vertically over a borehole where a continuous no-join pipeline can be manufactured on-site and sent directly into the bore to an indefinite depth. A WNR Systems pipeline also does not need the extra space required for joining pipes. Excavation contractors can cut a trench to the absolute pipe diameter, resulting in cost savings, especially when cutting through rock or hard substrate.

In addition, fiber optics and other communication and electrical cabling can be incorporated in the same pipe, without reducing pipeline strength.

Other features make this system efficient and economical. During production, extra coatings can be applied or impregnated into the e-glass simultaneously. Special formulations can be implemented in the design to carry any fluids such as drinking water, crudes, gas, slurry and sea water. Internal and external surfaces can also receive a ceramic coating for UV and abrasive protection. Steel mesh can also be applied to render the pipes practically indestructible. Furthermore, the pipe can be manufactured in testing weather conditions from extreme high to very low temperatures, and during sand storms and high humidity.

The WNR system has been fully tested by STS in accordance with the Australian, New Zealand, American and International Standards and MIL-17 norms, demonstrating the system is fully capable of producing pipelines to withstand any desired pressure. +61 (0)419 027 482, wnrsystems.com

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