January 2015, Vol. 70, No. 1

New Products

American Augers Unveils Large Rapid Setup Rig

Jeff Griffin, Senior Editor

American Augers has introduced a new Rapid Setup (RS) horizontal directional drill (HDD) model that fits just under the company’s largest drill rig.

The DD-660RS is powered by a 600-horsepower diesel engine and produces 660,000 pounds of pullback and 80,000 foot pounds of rotary torque. It is available now directly from American Augers.

The primary market for the machine is expected to be pipeline construction, said Richard Levings, American Augers director of product management.

“The DD-660RS incorporates many proven features from other American Auger models along with state-of-the-art enhancements that include a new microprocessor control system with a touch screen display,” said Levings. “This system allows the operator to fine tune the drill to the specifications of the product being installed and provides better response time compared to controls of older equipment. It is utilized to display all gauges, read outs, diagnostics, instruction manuals and service contacts.”

Levings said the RS designation identifies the model as having a drill frame with integral mobilization axles, stabilizers, support pad and a small power plant for setup functions.

“Rapid Setup systems,” he continued, “are exclusive to American Augers maxi trailered HDD systems and have proven to reduce transportation needs and setup which helps make crews more efficient. An optional pipe loader is a part of the DD-660RS design which remains on the drill during mobilization and contributes to rapid setup. If the new pipe loader is not used, standard pipe stands are included to place the pipe on the drill frame when making up or breaking out each joint of pipe.”

Fluid catcher

The new drill frame design funnels spilled drilling fluid to a single point at the front of anchor plate where it can be contained in a pit or removed with a vacuum to keep the work area clean and dry.

“As with all newly designed American Augers Maxi HDD systems,” Levings said, “a standard feature is that wrenches travel the full length of the drill frame for freeing stuck joints and breaking out crossover subs.”

A new hydraulically-adjustable pipe guide uses a continuous roller design to significantly increase the effectiveness and life of the guide.

The power unit is offered in Tier 3 and Tier 4 Final versions to meet standards of the country in which the machine will be used. Tier 3 models are available for countries that do not offer fuel capable of being used in Tier 4 engines. Both engines have hydraulically controlled cooling fans for efficient cooling and greatly reduced noise. The new power units are designed for easy and convenient servicing and maintenance.

Established in 1970, American Augers offices and manufacturing facilities are in West Salem, OH. American Augers manufactures a full line of auger boring equipment, horizontal directional drills ranging from 110,000 to 1.2 million pounds of pullback, downhole tools and accessories for auger boring and HDD equipment along with drilling fluid pumps, fluid cleaning and recirculation systems.

American Augers, (800) 324-4930, www.americanaugers.com

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