March 2012, Vol. 67 No. 3

Equipment Spotlight

Drilling Fluids and Polymers: Equipment Spotlight

Drilling fluids from M-I SWACO, CETCO, Wyo-Ben, KEMTRON and Baroid Industrial Drilling.

M-I SWACO offers a complete suite of fully supported drilling fluids and solids control products and services to the drilling industry. Our HDD, Mining & Waterwell group offers products a comprehensive line of drilling fluids additives to address any drilling condition. This is fully backed by onsite engineering support if required. Max Gel high yield bentonite offers excellent suspension and hole stability while Max Bore HDD is a one sack boring fluid specially designed for most any boring application. Their performance is supplemented with our inhibitive polymer Poly-Plus, as well as our readily dispersible filtration control polymer Platinum PAC. Our Environmental Solutions group offers a complete line of solids processing equipment to insure optimum fluid properties are maintained. The new high-efficiency Meerkat PT dual-motion shaker performs at unparelled levels and can be adjusted ‘on the fly’ for peak performance. 832.295.2564,

CETCO Drilling Products
PUREGOLD CLEANDRILL is a one bag clay-free biodegradable drilling fluid designed for horizontal directional boring. PUREGOLD CLEANDRILL is readily dispersible and mixes easily with moderate shear. This multi-purpose drilling fluid builds high viscosity for efficient borehole cleaning and exhibits excellent gel strength for cuttings suspension. PUREGOLD CLEANDRILL maintains borehole stability with low filtrate and increases recovery rates in remediation wells. 800.527.9948,

For directional drilling jobs, Wyo-Ben has developed drilling fluid additives including TRU-BORE, EXTRA HIGH YIELD GEL, UNI-DRILL, KWIK-VIS “D”, BORZAN and WYO-VIS. These products are recognized for their ability to build viscosity fast in difficult drilling situations with a low investment. By putting technology in the bag, the contractor is able to use less, purchase less, handle less and dispose of less without compromising a project’s success. 800.548.7055,

KEMTRON is an established leader in providing environmentally acceptable products to the drilling industry. KEMTRON offers a wide variety of polymers for water based drilling muds. The polymers provide rheological control, borehole stability, lubricity, fluid loss control and drill solids encapsulation, in temperatures up to 200 degrees Centigrade. KEMTRON also has the capability to tailor polymers to meet specific needs. 281.261.5778,

Baroid Industrial Drilling Products

QUIK MUD GOLD clay and shale stabilizer provides inhibition of reactive clay and shale formations in water-based fluids. QUIK MUD GOLD stabilizing polymer can be added to bentonite drilling fluids such as QUIK-GEL without substantially increasing viscosity. QUIK MUD GOLD is compatible with other Baroid products and can be used alone or with other polymers to formulate a clear, clay-free fluid. 800.735.6075,

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