June 2011 Vol. 66 No. 6

New Products

American Augers DD-625 Drill Rig Provides Exceptional Force

Ideal for large diameter and long reach pipeline crossings or utility construction projects, the American Augers DD-625 drill rig provides 625,000 pounds of thrust/pullback power and 80,000 foot-pounds of maximum rotary torque.

The drill features a Caterpillar C-15 525 hp diesel engine; rack and pinion 4-pinion drive with adjustable force limiter; dedicated pumps for rotary and thrust; a wrench that travels full length of thrust frame; and 10 to 18 degree variable drilling angle. A 3-inch fluid course permits 650 gallons/per minute flow. The DD-625 can accommodate Range II Drill Pipe and is Run-On-One-Technology-System (ROOTS) capable. A floating spindle allows simple makeup and breakout.

The Wiggle Steer System provides the operator of a directional drill the means to rotate the drill pipe and subsequently the cutting head on the drill string back and forth over a predetermined range. This back and forth motion would cause the hole made by the cutting head to be more open in a particular direction and therefore facilitate steering of the drilling pipe in that direction underground.

The Wiggle Steer System will rotate the Drill Pipe in the Makeup (CW) direction while thrusting forward. It will then rotate the Drill Pipe in the Breakout (CCW) direction but will not thrust in the breakout direction. This method reduces the breakout torque and should prevent the drill-string tool joints from parting downhole. 800.324.4930, www.americanaugers.com

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