August 2011, Vol. 66 No. 8


UCT To Host Educational Sessions, Pre-Show Events At ICUEE

Keeping up to date with the latest technology and construction techniques to boost productivity is more important than ever in today’s marketplace.

Underground Construction Technology, producers of the annual UCT International Conference & Exposition, has again partnered with ICUEE (International Construction and Utility Equipment Exhibition) to offer a special co-located education program and two special, pre-show programs. UCT is the industry’s leading educational source for all aspects of underground construction and rehabilitation. The event is scheduled for Oct. 4-6, at the Kentucky Exposition Center in Louisville, KY.

“The goal of all our education programs is to help ensure that industry professionals have the information they need to meet today’s operational challenges. Our participation at ICUEE is another opportunity to extend that value and better serve the industry,” stated UCT Program Director Robert Carpenter.

“ICUEE is well-known for its outside equipment demonstrations and UCT is the industry benchmark for education – we believe it makes for a great partnership,” Carpenter added.

In addition to its 10 sessions during the regular program, UCT will host two special pre-show events on Monday, Oct. 3.

HDD Workshop: Selecting What’s Right For Your Project is an advanced horizontal directional drilling school that will provide valuable tips and insights into the application and efficient operations of HDD projects. The presentation is structured to benefit contractors of all skill levels plus provide an essential knowledge base for engineers and owners. The program runs from 8 a.m. — 5 p.m.

The second pre-show event is a Utilities Locator Certification Seminar conducted by Staking University. It will run from 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Combining classroom and hands-on instruction, the Locator Certification Seminar focuses on the underlying principles of utility locating, as well as the importance of performing accurate locates.

All attendees to both the pre-show workshop/seminar and regular program will be eligible to receive CEUs or PDHs as part of their registration fee.

For more information or to register for both the regular UCT program and/or the special pre-show programs, go to

UCT@ICUEE Underground Utilities Regular Program

The Pipebursting Revolution For Telecom, Electric, Gas & Water
Sponsored by the International Pipe Bursting Association
Description:The pipebursting market continues to grow and evolve at a rapid rate. Pipebursting is now viable for virtually all kinds of utility applications including telecom, electric and water industries. This session will outline the latest in technologies, the wide breadth of pipebursting opportunities and its advantages and economics.

Analysis Of Locating Technologies RAC
Description:The options for locating buried facilities are growing and it’s important to know the strong points and limitations of each. Various technologies have advanced to the point that it is rare that underground utilities cannot be identified. However, the key is to understand how these technologies work and can directly benefit your specific operations.

Geothermal Market Growth & Contractor Opportunities
Description: A growing number of residential and commercial developers are recognizing the benefits of geothermal heating and cooling. This session provides an overview of ground source heat pump technology and methods for installing the underground loops they require.

Microtrenching Advances & Advantages
Description:Microtrenchers can quickly cut precise sub-inch-wide trench to depths of 12 inches for placing fiber optic cable in asphalt-paved right-of-ways, saving time and money compared to conventional methods.

Horizontal Directional Drilling In Rock
Description:In this panel discussion, suppliers of specialized equipment and downhole for drilling through rock will discuss advances advances in tools and techniques for effectively working in various types of rocky conditions.

Preventing Sewer Lateral Crossbores — When Locates May Be On The Contractor
Description: As the debate continues about whether system operators or property owners are responsible for sewer laterals, the job of locating and marking laterals can become the responsibility for contractors to avoid boring through laterals.

Mud Mixing/Recycling & Proper Disposal
Description:Your drilling fluid is the life’s blood to a successful HDD project. What should you put in it? How should you mix and clean to maximize performance?

Keyhole Technology Advances For Gas, Water
Description: While the need to repair/rehabilitate existing water and gas pipes steadily grows, minimizing disruptions to busy streets and primary thoroughfares remains imperative as well. Keyhole technology (conducting repairs on underground pipes through small holes) has made tremendous progress. This session will explore the latest advances in keyhole tooling and methods that are making it such an effective, efficient and affordable repair alternative.

The Used HDD Equipment Industry
Description:In this period of economic challenges, used equipment is finding an even bigger niche in the arena of equipment sales, and it is an area of great interest and concern for many contractors both abroad and domestically. Hear about what is being sold and where; resale values of equipment; pricing trends; major concerns for the purchase of used equipment; sourcing additional components; the best places to source used equipment; the international marketplace; and more.

Good Tracking Practices
Description:Steady improvements have been made to HDD tracking equipment. However, unless your company follows good tracking practices, damaging other underground utilities will occur – sometimes with catastrophic results, and your bore will miss its mark. Learn how tracking drills properly will keep your HDD rigs out of trouble and on target.

HDD Workshop: Selecting What’s Right For Your Project
Description:This special day long session will provide valuable tips and insights into the application and efficient operations of HDD projects. The presentation is structured to aid contractors, utilities and engineers in understanding the essential set-up, design and execution of HDD projects for consistent and profitable operations, as well as aid with your equipment decision-making processes. HDD increasingly is becoming the preferred installation method for underground construction. After this workshop, attendees can then visit various HDD equipment booths with an educated eye towards their true project needs and decisions. NOTE: Space is limited.

Defining The HDD Market Dynamic
Guidance – How Should I Steer My HDD Project?
Description: Selecting the best method to track your progress during the pilot hole is more critical now with all the different options available to contractors. Technologies to be covered include walkover, wireline, Paratrack and gyro.

Downhole Tooling/Hole Opening
Description: Matching your drilling tools to the anticipated formations on your project is the first step towards a successful HDD bore. Mud motors, bits and jetting assembly will be discussed. With a successful pilot hole completed, now what should you use to open the hole to accommodate your product? Technology covered will include MT/TCI, split standard vs. premium, lo-torque/rockreamer and fly cutter.

Safety Considerations
Mud Mixing: Hole Problems, Fluids Solutions
Description: Your drilling fluid is the life’s blood to a successful HDD project. What should you put in it? How should you mix to maximize performance?

Mud Cleaning
Description: Part of the economy and efficiency of a drill often lies in recycling and cleaning mud.

Methods For Dealing With Rock and Difficult Soil Conditions
Description: Effectively drilling in rock or challenging soil conditions is essential. Advances and changes now offer many effective options.

Job Site Logistics
Description: Before drilling, you need to know all the details about the proposed drill site and intended path. What permits are needed? What obstructions may be encountered? Rig site and exit site limitations will also be discussed.

Utilities Locator Certification Seminar
Description: Combining classroom and hands-on instruction, the Locator Certification Seminar focuses on the underlying principles of utility locating, as well as the importance of performing accurate locates. This seminar will aid underground construction personnel in developing the skills to consistently supply accurate and complete utility location information. It also will aid attendees in developing superior troubleshooting techniques, a mastery of locating equipment and the skills required to pass Staking U=s locator certification test. NOTE: Limited to the first 30 registrants.

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