April 2011 Vol. 66 No. 4


Report supports Keystone XL pipeline

A new report prepared by EnSys Energy for the Department of Energy Office of Policy and International Affairs finds that the Keystone XL pipeline would help reduce U.S. imports of foreign oil outside North America.

The study found that increasing imports from the Canadian oils sands and U.S. demand reduction have the potential to reduce substantially U.S. dependency on non-Canadian foreign oil, including from the Middle East. The Department of Energy commissioned the analysis as part of its environmental review of Keystone XL pipeline.

The study also found that construction of the pipeline would not change global refinery CO2 and total life cycle greenhouse gas emissions. If more Canadian oil is shipped to Asia, instead of the U.S., this would lead to higher U.S. imports from other sources, notably the Middle East; and, that the Keystone KL pipeline has the opportunity to fill a gap being created by declining supplies from traditional suppliers such as Mexico and Venezuela.

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