OBIC specializes in providing an alternative, no-dig approach for municipal and industrial water and waste water systems repair. The company offers environmentally-friendly coatings for holding systems, treatment facilities, manholes, vaults and other structures susceptible to damage from infiltration or corrosive chemicals. OBIC is committed to providing its customers and community with high quality, cost-effective water and wastewater structure rehabilitation solutions. Unlike replacement projects, using OBIC for manhole linings or sewer pipe coatings requires minimal disruption to services or traffic flow.

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Industry magazine features OBIC-certified installer for underwater manhole rehab project Sponsored Content

Trenchless methods using OBIC’s spray-applied polyurethane linings provided a sustainable fix and extended the life of these critical collection system structures.

How to protect a pump station from hydrogen sulfide corrosion in Hoagland, Indiana Sponsored Content

When a pump station in Hoagland, Indiana, needed rehabilitation, Commonwealth Engineers INC. reached out to Advanced Rehabilitation Technology for a solution. ART, an OBIC certified installer located in Bryan, Ohio, assessed the pump station and recommended the OBIC Armor lining system to bring the pump station back to optimal performance.