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New Products

New Products

Mastenbroek Launches First-Ever Utility Trencher in North America 

Mastenbroek, the Boston, Lincolnshire (UK) leading developer and manufacturer of self-propelled trenchers and crawler trucks unveiled the Bulldog, its first-ever trencher for utility cable and pipeline layers. 

“The Bulldog has been designed with the needs of companies laying underground power cables along the west coast of America firmly in mind,” said Christopher Pett, Mastenbroek’s commercial director. 

With a small footprint – 38 feet 7 inches long – Bulldog works in confined areas. In addition, its forward discharge conveyor system retracts to give an 8-foot-2-inch (2.5-meter) width, making it is easy to transport. 

The compact, but powerful Bulldog is based on the engineering platform of Mastenbroek’s 17/17 trencher. 

“Our 17/17 has proved incredibly effective in Europe, where it has been used for a similar role to what is required in the United States,” said Pett. “Also, both the 17/17 and Bulldog are competitively priced. 

A new US EPA Tier 4 final compliant Volvo 8-litre engine, for example, offers the ideal combination of muscle, efficiency and emissions. 

Complementing the Volvo engine, a new diesel hydrostatic drive system powers a heavier digging mechanism that can achieve the 6-foot trench depth required by U.S. cable layers. 

The Bulldog also features an offset cutting head and forward swing conveyor, ideal for operating in cities and on highways where access is restricted and excavated material needs to be loaded onto trucks for removal offsite. A steerable undercarriage enables curved trench lines, and the track lift allows the machine to straddle raised pedestrian walkways.


Mastenbroek, +44 (0)1205 311313, 


Vermeer QuickDig Nozzle Delivers Productive, Efficient Hydro Excavation 

The Vermeer QuickDig nozzle helps vacuum excavation crews maximize their efficiency while potholing and daylighting utilities, hydro/slot trenching, and digging pile holes. 

With 18-degree cone rotation and laminar flow design, Quick Dig is up to 35-percent more efficient than a traditional rotary nozzle. All water molecules flow in the same direction at the same speed to slice through the ground minimizing water use and delivering a high aperture of coverage. 

The Vermeer QuickDig nozzle is durable, with a stainless-steel body and tungsten carbide nozzle tip. Additionally, it can be rebuilt in the field quickly using a QuickDig nozzle repair kit. 

Contractors can choose from six sizes; each comes with a 0.5-inch (1.3-centimeter)  
inlet connection (common on truck vacs) and a 0.25-inch 0(.6-centimeter) adapter  
(common for trailer vacs). 

All Vermeer truck vacuum excavators and many Vermeer trailer vacuum excavators built in 2023 will come equipped with the QuickDig nozzle. Also, this latest technology in hydro excavation will be available at Vermeer dealers throughout North America and is compatible with most industry vacuum excavator makes and models. 

“When it comes to potholing and hydro trenching, productive digging and efficient water usage helps crews maximize their time on the job,” said T.J. Steele, product manager for Vermeer MV Solutions. “The Vermeer QuickDig nozzle is extremely efficient with the water used, so material doesn’t become oversaturated during the digging and excavation process. It helps crews maximize digging time from their onboard water tank, while extending their time between emptying the spoil tank.”


Vermeer Corporation, (641) 628-3141, 


New Subsite HDD Guidance System Offers Streamlined Experience 

To streamline and simplify HDD guidance for operators completing shallow bore projects, Subsite introduced  
The Marksman, the second product of this HDD guidance system series, following the 2021 release of the Marksman+. 

The Marksman features single-button calibration, minimizing the risk of human error and speeding up the preparation process. Six frequency options and simplified features enable operators to quickly move from one job site to the next. 

The Marksman is compatible with Subsite’s TD Recon and Commander 7, as well as the Subsite Field Scout. It is operated with a single joystick control, with no extra buttons or triggers, for a more intuitive operator experience. 

The system also gives operators their choice of the user interface. The commonality of user interface options provides a simplified transition between products, saving time on the job site for crews to learn a new interface. The compatibility and streamlined controls work together to help operators be more productive from day one. 

“The ROI and simplicity of the Marksman for contractors doing routine bores make it an obvious choice in HDD guidance systems,” said Braxton Smith, HDD guidance product manager at Subsite. “The familiarity and intuitive features of the Marksman make it easy for operators to improve efficiency as they prepare to drill.”  

Based in Perry, Okla., Subsite Electronics has developed a comprehensive suite of “Underground Awareness” products – directional drilling guidance equipment, utility locators, utility inspection systems, and equipment machine controls – that keep underground construction professionals safe and efficient.


Subsite Electronics, (800) 846-2713, 


New Ditch Witch W12 Truck Vac Maximizes Productivity, Uptime 

To enhance utility contractors’ productivity while potholing or cleaning up spills and debris, Ditch Witch has introduced the W12 truck vac to its lineup. The first offering in Ditch Witch’s new line of Warlock vacuum excavators, the W12 gives contractors a PTO-driven vacuum excavator that’s backed by the service and support of the global Ditch Witch dealership network. 

The W12 brings increased capacity, versatility and performance to job sites with 1,200 gallons of fresh water and a 12-cubic-yard debris tank. At 5,000 cubic feet per minute (CFM) and 27-inch Hg of vacuum power, coupled with the extensive storage capacity, crews can take on bigger jobs and maximize time on the jobsite, reducing time spent dumping debris. 

The design and layout of the debris tank, positioned between dual 600-gallon saddle tanks of fresh water, creates a more stable truck, improving operator experience. For easier usability, a remote-control water system and boom, can also lift and lower the tank. 

Operators can stay on the job longer with the 2,400-gallon tank capacity and powerful vacuum, eliminating the need to bring in another crew to service the drill. The W12’s dual hose reels and ability to use both a hydro and air method enable crews to use one machine for a variety of excavation tasks, even in harsh environments. Together, the size and versatility of the W12 allows it to be used for slot trenching, HDD projects, potholing and more. 

“We’re building on 20 years of truck vac knowledge to bring excavation crews the innovative line of Warlock vacuum excavators,” said Chris Thompson, vacuum excavation product manager at Ditch Witch. “The increased versatility and capacity of the W12 allows crews to improve productivity and decrease downtime on even the toughest job sites.” 


Ditch Witch, (800) 654-6481, 

United Rentals 

United Rentals has formed an agreement to purchase the industry’s first high-volume, fully electric dumpsters, from JCB, becoming the first equipment rental company to offer them to North American customers looking to create lower-emission worksites. 

JCB HTD-5E E-Dumpsters join zero-emission trucks, vans, compact excavators, energy systems and others already in the United Rentals portfolio of environmentally friendly rental equipment. The tracked e-dumpster is offered as a high-tip, ride-on model, capable of carrying up to 1,102 pounds. Its lithium-ion battery pack powers the machine for a typical full-day work shift. 

The HTD-5E E-Dumpster provides a high-performance carrying solution for construction, landscaping, agriculture and much more. Its electric drive makes the machine suitable for indoor work, tunneling applications and urban sites that require low noise and zero exhaust emissions. 

“JCB is glad to support our customers and their dedication to a more sustainable future,” said Andrea Whelan, vice president-direct sales and service, JCB. 

United Rentals has set a goal of reducing the 2018 greenhouse gas emissions intensity of its business 35 percent, by 2030. 

TT Technologies 

TT Technologies offers a pipe rammer and bentonite system package for oil and gas pipeline installation projects. It features an 18-inch diameter Grundoram Goliath pneumatic pipe ramming system and a Grundomudd 500 bentonite mixing/delivery system. 

During the ramming process the rammer is attached to the rear of the casing. The tool then drives the pipe through the ground with repeated percussive blows. The Goliath rammer installs steel pipes and casings from 24 to 56 inches in diameter. It can also be used for the slick-bore process, installing a bore pipe, which, when removed, pulls the product pipe into place. 

Ramming provides accurate installation of casing in a wide range of soil without surface slump, making it ideal for installations under railways and roads. The pipeliner package is also useful in HDD assist and rescue applications: to salvage product pipe after a failed bore, install Conductor Barrel casings, remove stuck drill stems, and assist drills during product pullback, preventing hydrolock. 

The company also unveiled its latest compact directional drill, the Grundodrill 5X. Representing the most advanced directional drill rig in its class, the unit features a Tier 4F, 56hp Kohler engine, a single push button stake down system and independent front and rear lift. 

An all-weather 7-inch touchscreen display delivers real-time bore data and operational performance. The unit offers 12,000 pounds (48 Kn) of thrust and pullback and 1,200 foot/pounds of torque. 


Oatey Co., a leading manufacturer in the plumbing industry, released new body wipes that are hard on grime and odor, rather than on skin, and require no water or rinsing. 

Hercules For Body, formulated specifically for contractors and their working conditions, is effective at removing a range of dirt, grease, oil and other residue that contractors routinely come into contact with. The wipes can also be used to clean those same substances off most tools and job-site equipment. Plus, the wipes are perfect for cleaning up after outdoor activities, yardwork or anytime you need to cool down and wipe away the day. 

Including Aloe and Vitamin E to soothe and condition skin, fragrance-free Hercules for Body are tough, large-size cloths that clean without tearing and without leaving residue. The new easy-to-grab, 8- by 10-inch cloths cover more skin, which means contractors need fewer towels to get clean. 

Contractors can purchase Hercules for Body at their local supply house to clean up before heading home from the job. It’s available in  
80- and 30-towel packages. 

Leica Geosystems 

Software versatility enables contractors to use their equipment for both on- and off-machine applications. 

Leica Geosystems, part of Hexagon, launched its new iCON site excavator, a machine-control solution that enables compact excavators to carry out designs easily and accurately. 

The system comprises three new components: software application, dual GNSS receiver and optional communication device. 

The application is available as stand-alone software or an add-on within the existing and well-established iCON site platform. As an add-on, it not only optimizes earthmoving tasks for compact excavators, but can be used for both on- and off-machine applications, resulting in efficient equipment and personnel deployment. 

For instance, operators can use the controller unit with a Smart Antenna to stake out or create a design, then immediately mount it in the cab to start grading according to the design. As soon as the excavation or grading is completed, the same system can perform as-built checks. 

The software is available for a range of iCON field controllers in various sizes. The new GNSS receiver and communication device are designed specifically for compact machines, allowing more flexibility to adjust to different sites and project requirements.

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