June 2022 Vol. 77 No. 6

New Products

New Products



An extension of Cat Command for Loading to D3-series skid steer and compact track loader line will be available in the third quarter of this year.

Removing the operator from the machine, Command provides joystick-controlled remote operation of the machines in two configurations: line-of-sight operation via a lightweight console and non-line-of-sight via a remote Command station. 

By allowing the user to comfortably control the machine from a safe location, Command maintains high machine productivity in difficult operating environments such as stevedoring, industrial and waste, demolition, and site decommissioning. 

A dealer-installed field kit makes any Cat D3 skid steer or compact track loader model Command-ready. Command controls are integrated with machine electronics, so users experience the same control response as they would operating inside the cab. 

Felling Trailers 


Felling Trailers’ Air Tilt model has undergone design modifications to increase operator ease of use and safety. 

A notable update was extending the fixed approach ramp length from 14 inches to 22 inches, reducing the load angle by about 10 degrees, to provide a better load angle with a more subtle break-over point. 

“The new design offers a shallower approach angle to improve loading of compact construction equipment, such as skid steers and mini excavators,” said Nathan Uphus Felling’s sales manager. 

It also allows for the option of full-size oval recessed strobe lights. 

Air Tilt’s (TA’s) unique design utilizes air, powered from the tow vehicle, to tilt the trailer and optional ramps, eliminating the need for hydraulics. Air power from the tow vehicle fills two airbags (four airbags optional), which raise the trailer smoothly. Each airbag will then keep the deck in the tilted position to allow for loading/unloading of multiple pieces of equipment. 

Superior towing capability and balance were achieved by placing the axles further back on the Air Tilt model than other tilt trailers on the market. 

Battery-Operated Barrier 


Battery Operated Barrier has added RFID technology that makes its portable safety gates even more versatile. The fully automatic option opens the gate as the authorized vehicle approaches, eliminating the need for any action on the part of the driver. 

These remote-controlled, solar-powered security gates are designed to keep unauthorized vehicles out of any site. Safety gates are 100-percent self-contained, instantly deployed, can be used in any environment, and often reduce or eliminate the need for a gate guard. 

Currently used by most oil and gas companies, the safety gates have standard features, including reflective arm and tower for night duty, adjustable levelers, security anchor points, high-impact urethane coating, enclosed battery box, and ultra-heavy-duty components. 

Battery Operated Barrier offers other options, like a trailer mount, wired control, radio control, auto exit sensors, and keypad/card. Powered by a common deep-cycle marine battery, the solar panel offers hundreds of cycles daily. 

John Deere 


John Deere debuted its latest technological advancement. The Earthmoving Productivity System enhances the measurement accuracy of volume loaded into a scraper, in real time, and transfers critical data directly to the JDLink Dashboard. This enables increased accuracy for job bidding and billing, helping to make smarter business decisions. 

The technology also takes images from inside the scraper and displays them to the operator, all while calculating the yardage being loaded. The calculated yardage is shown to the operator, in real time, during every pass, added up after each cycle, and saved to show daily productivity. This helps improve operator performance and increase efficiency. 

In addition, the system’s visual display allows operators to view products being loaded into the scraper even when the view may otherwise be obstructed, enabling operators to maintain focus on what is in front of them and enhancing job-site safety. 

Available for installation on single, double, or triple scraper systems, the Earthmoving Productivity System can be retrofitted on all D-Series Scrapers. It’s also compatible with select John Deere Scraper Special Tractors (2015 or newer), including the 9R, 9RT and 9RX models. 

“Customers in site development can now further manage their cost per yard and especially benefit by maximizing trip capacity and preventing spillage,” said Justin Steger, solutions marketing manager, John Deere. 

“This technology can be a game changer for customers completing scraping and earthmoving projects, and once integrated on the job, will become a critical system for operators.” 

KEG Technologies 


KEG Technologies, a manufacturer of industrial, sewer and storm lines products, offers unique Tier-3 nozzles for eliminating obstructions in wastewater streams that have hardened in underground pipes. Cleaning is necessary, on a routine maintenance – or emergency – basis, to prevent a range of problems including regulatory fines, process disruption, and unscheduled downtime.

Tier-3 nozzles are distinguished from Tiers 1 and 2 by fluid mechanics engineering that’s on-par with the aerodynamics of race cars or jet fighters. It’s crucial when it comes to wastewater pipes, which are typically 300 to-500 feet long and 12- to 46-inch diameter, said Bill Benner, senior project manager for Seattle-based Ventilation Power Cleaning (VPC). 

According to Brenner, KEG Tier 3 nozzles provide the two most-important things needed: 

propel the hose down the entire length of pipe to the debris location and push the debris out of the line and back, so it can be suctioned out by the vacuum truck. The design leaves little room for power losses and excessive turbulence, enabling quick and reliable cleaning. 

For wastewater applications, floor cleaner and spinning style nozzles travel along the floor of a large-diameter pipe – instead of just the center – and focus high-pressure water from hoses through an assortment of jets. 

A unique KEG model, the Twins (pictured, here), utilizes two floor cleaners with high-performance fluid mechanics that work in tandem with a Y-connector, for pipe up to 84-inch diameter. 

Another model, the Duce Nozzle, uses water-driven rotation and vibration to create a unique “jackhammer” action to remove grout and mortar residue, scaling, tuberculation, or other deposits that have hardened to the pipe floor or wall.

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