August 2019 Vol. 74 No. 8

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Efficiency Production Unveils Octagon-Configured Build-A-Box Trench Shield

Efficiency Production unveiled the newest innovation in its industry-leading Build-A-Box Modular Aluminum Trench Shielding System. 

Octagon Box is comprised of aluminum panels that are pinned in exclusive 135-degree-angle, vertical posts. The result is a safe, lightweight “manhole shield” to perfectly shore tightly around odd-angled laterals and other manhole leads.

Features of the Octagon Box include:

  • Standard 2-foot tall Build-A-Box aluminum panels, from 2- to 5-foot lengths
  • Inside diameter space ranging from 61 to 148 inches
  • Provides eight different lateral pipe access points by leaving out the 2-foot bottom panel

“Many precast utilities structures, such as manholes and wet-wells are round, not square,” explained Rod Austin, Efficiency Production’s general manager. “As a result, contractors frequently need to excavate more dirt than is necessary to install square- or rectangular-shaped trench shields, which can increase time and cost to an underground utility project.

“With the Build-A-Box Octagon Box, excavation contractors can literally ‘cut corners’ to safely save time and money.”

Since 1989, Efficiency Production’s Build-A-Box has been the industry-standard, modular aluminum trench shielding system. It can be assembled in minutes to a wide variety of two-, three- or four-sided configurations; and now an eight-sided octagon configuration.

This flexibility enables work crews to make on-the-spot design changes to meet job requirements in conditions ranging from light to extreme. Most systems are easily transported in a pick-up truck or trailer for quick application.
Build-A-Box is exclusively compatible with Efficiency Production’s XLAP Aluminum Shield.

Mason, Mich.-based Efficiency Production is an Arcosa Shoring Products company that provides a wide selection of standard and custom trench shielding and shoring systems. All products are designed specifically for safe and cost-effective installation of utility systems and infrastructure improvements and are certified to meet OSHA standards.


Efficiency Production, (800) 552-8800,

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